Wow what a whirlwind of a weekend I just had!  It is Wednesday and I finally had the chance to sit down and take in everything that has happened.  I can’t wait to share it with you especially if you do not follow me on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.  I have earned the title of 3X Top Coach of Team Beachbody for the 3rd year in a row!  I was the Top Coach in 2014, 2015 and now in 2016!!!  That means that out of 400,000+ coaches in the entire network my team, The Dream Team is the #1 team!  That means that we have helped to transform the most coaches lives, we have helped to develop new leaders and other coaches are having success in building their businesses as well.  It truly is an incredible accomplishment that only 1 person can hold the title to!  I feel extremely blessed, honored and humbled to represent a company that I believe in whole heartedly.

DID YOU ALSO KNOW THAT THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A 3X TOP COACH??? This is a RECORD in Team Beachbody!  So I guess you can say I am the FIRST 3X Top Coach! Wohooooo  


Melanie Mitro 3X Top Coach Team Beachbody, Dream Team, Elite Coach, Top Coach,
Melanie Mitro 3X Top Coach of Team Beachbody.

The announcement came out on Friday when I received a personal phone call from CEO Carl Daikeler to congratulate me on my 3peat!  He asked me what keeps driving me to be the top coach?  I had to think about that for a moment and then I said…. You know what!  You know I believe that this was what I was DESIGNED to do!  I believe that God gave me this gift to inspire others, to lead others, to create systems, to think the way that I do!   It is through Beachbody that I leave my mark on this world at this season of my life.  It truly wasn’t LUCK or CHANCE it was a GIFT GIVEN to me and I feel absolutely 100% at peace with where I am right now.  This is what I am called to do!  That is the honest to goodness truth of the matter.

Melanie Mitro, CEO Carl Daikeler, Team Beachbody, Elite Coach, Top Coach, The Dream Team, Pittsburgh, PA
CEO Carl Daikeler and I at the private cocktail hour for the Dream Team Coaches on Friday night to celebrate our Top Team Award for the year.

Friday night was our Super Friday Event in Pittsburgh. This Super Friday is our quarterly Team Beachbody meeting but January is always a sort of celebration where the Elite, Premiere, Elite 10, Top Transformations and Master Trainers are recognized.  The theme was sparkles and glitter so of course I was going fancy!  I love sparkle so you don’t have to tell me twice to wear a fun and fancy dress!

Here are some pics from the event on Friday night and then on Saturday the Dream Team hosted a training event for anyone in the network that would like to attend called the purpose event!  {more information to come on that}  Then, Saturday night I hosted my Diamonds at my house for a Diamond Celebration!  Out of the 48 + diamonds that I have about 20 could attend the weekend due to kids and travel.  We had an incredible night of fun, laughter, dancing, memories and laughter.  It was such a blast and it rounded out an awesome celebration weekend!  I truly love my team and can’t imagine spending my time with any other people.  It’s pretty cool when the people you get to work with are just so much fun, full of heart and passion too!


Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Team Beachbody, Pittsburgh, PA
Rocking my sparkly dress for the Super Friday in Pittsburgh with CEO Carl Daikeler


Parents, Melanie Mitro, Shusteric, John & Kathy, Melanie, Top Coach, Pittsburgh
Cheers to my mom and dad who are my absolute biggest supporters. Even though they were not feeling very well on Friday night they were there by my side! Love you Mom and Dad


Melanie Mitro, Matt Mitro, Top Coach, Top Team, The Dream Team, Pittsburgh Coach
There is no way on earth that I could of done this alone. Thank you to my better half. The man of my dreams, my best friend and my husband of almost 10 years! We are in this together and this certainly is our family business.
Top Coach Vase, Melanie Mitro
This is the vase that every year the Top Coach gets. It has my name engraved on it, the year that I was top coach! It is rounding out my collection and now I have 3 of them!!!!


Diamonds, Melanie Mitro, Leadership, Team, Top Coach, Super Saturday
My Diamond Coaches who could attend our Saturday Night Celebration

Let me tell you a little about how I started the Dream Team:

I created the Dream Team 5 years ago after losing 30 lbs with Team Beachbody Challenge Groups, Shakeology, Insanity, P90X and Clean Eating.  I fell in love with the support and accountability I received from my coach and I wanted to pay it forward to others.  I set out with the goal to help 1 person achieve their health and fitness goals.  I wanted to create challenge groups to help others feel confident and happy in their skin.  I started running monthly groups and I started to learn how to grow a business.  I began to talk to others about what I loved about Beachbody and I started sharing my own success.

Melanie Mitro, Transformation, Insanity, Clean Eating, Shakeology
My transformation story

I love creating systems, strategizing and coming up with ways to train my team effectively and more efficiently so that they did not have to go through the same start up process as I did.  I created a 30 day new coach training university to help new coaches get started right.  I share all of my documents, scripts, guides and tools that I have created so that others can learn and duplicate what is there.

Once I got new coaches started right I realized that I needed a training and support process much like what I do for my customers at each stage of their transformation I needed that for coaching.  So I created a phase 2 which is called my 4 Vital Behaviors that helps coaches solidify the ground work of their business and get comfortable with the basics.  After the 4 Vitals most coaches either have realized that they want to simply run challenge groups to support customers or they also want to add the next layer and build a team.  From that point forward they move into my emerald to diamond group where I begin to teach coaches how to invite others to join their teams and how to enroll coaches and get them started right.  Once a coach becomes Diamond they move into our rising stars weekly mastermind.  From there we run elite groups, push groups and other trainings to help coaches reach their goals in the business.

I have learned over the course of the past 5 years that I cannot drag people along.  I cannot talk people into building a business if they don’t want to.  Some will, some won’t and that is A-Ok!  I always match my coaches efforts and intensity.  If they run, I run.  If they walk, I walk!  Whatever pace they set I will be right there with you!  I respect each coaches decision to build their business differently and I customize my approach to training my team based on that!  I believe that this is a business that truly help you to accomplish your wildest dreams but you have to have passion and vision to turn those dreams into a in love with your gig

I show my loyalty to my team by always showing up when I say I will.  We host a weekly Monday night team call where I train on various topics related to the business and building a business.  I identify holes and gaps in our organization and I create a solution to help coaches over come them.  I would give my right arm to see my coaches succeed and I don’t plan to stop now!

This is not a hobby, this is my career and I see that the possibilities are endless!  I know that I can continue to make a positive mark on this world and that is what drives me to get up each day and create new content, to share my skills, to teach my tips and help others to create their success for themselves.

I am not stopping now! The Dream Team is an incredible organization and I pride myself on being genuine, transparent, honest and trustworthy.  I am the same girl on social media that I am behind closed doors.  I crave just a few close relationships, I don’t need to be the center of attention, but I do always strive to be the very best at the task at hand.  I lead from the heart, I hustle, I work hard, and I love love love my job!

I am so proud of the Dream Team and all that they have accomplished.  I am so glad to lead them and be their fearless leader.  We are definitely the kind of team that jumps and builds our wings on the way down.

Being the top team for the 3rd year in a row is so exciting and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us now.

Melanie Mitro, 3X Top coach, Team Beachbody, The Dream Team,

Some of my team goals for this year are:

  1. Helping my coaches put their goals into actions & creating systems to keep coaches accountable and inspired.
  2. To provide quarterly team events as incentives, networking and team building events for my team.
  3. To attend personal development seminars this year related to our growing leadership needs.
  4. To help my coaches personally reach their goals in business, fitness and personal growth.

Personally I am most excited:

  1. For the Elite 10 Trip to the Amalfi Coast in June!  This is a highlight of being an Elite 10 Coach is attending these trips and I am totally stoked to go with the Corporate Team and the other 9 Elite 10 Coaches and their guests!
  2. For Punta Cana this spring on the Success Club Trip with many of my leaders who are accomplishing this for the very first time.
  3. To speak at the New Leader Conference in February.  This is one of my favorite events and I have been asked to be one of the 3 speakers to train the newest leaders in the organization.
  4. To plan out my leadership retreat for this year which his absolutely going to knock the socks off of my leaders!!!!
  5. To start my podcast and training programs to share my tips, training and more with the world.
  6. To plan a trip for my family to go somewhere fun and special just the 4 of us!
  7. For the possibilities that I know are endless this year.

So cheers to new growth, to new possibilities, to always growing as a leader and remaining in the trenches with my team!  I would never ever ask them to do something that I am not currently leading from the front with! There is no slowing down, we have more work to do!


Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Elite coach,

If this spoke to you and you would like to join the Dream Team as a coach:

New Coach Training University, Melanie Mitro, Coach Training, Pittsburgh, Elite Coach, Top Coach, Training, Coach Basics
Now accepting applications to my new coach training


Please complete the application below!

I am hosting my next new coach training university this month and I will be personally mentoring and supporting a small group of coaches through my program!  You will receive 1:1 support, accountability, access to all of my resources, documents, guides and scripts.  I will be teaching you how to effectively launch your business, use social media, invite, share and not sell and start effectively your first challenge group.

If this sounds like something you would like to do then don’t delay!  Now is the time.  There is no better time than right now to take that leap of faith and start building your dreams.

Join The Top Team In Team Beachbody

I am currently accepting applicants who want to learn and GROW a successful Beachbody business. Please fill out this form and I will contact you in the next 24 hours.


Dream Team, Mitro Family, Top Coach
Thursday night when we got the news we popped the bubbly and some sparkling apple cider for the boys and cheers’ed to a HUGE never before accomplished goal!