Success is NEVER A Straight Path!  If you follow me you might not know this about my story!  I shared this on Facebook the other day and wanted to share it here too!

I started coaching 5 1/2 years ago and 5 1/2 years ago my husband thought I was making the BIGGEST mistake EVERRRR!!!
He said if I wanted a job then we could put the kids in daycare & I could go back and get a ‘real’ job! I should ALSO SAY THAT NOW MY HUSBAND IS MY BIGGEST SUPPORTER!

But he would call Beachbody my “hobby”…
People unfriended me, people avoided me in the grocery store, people stopped talking to me and thought I was off my rocker.

They wondered when I was going to give up this crazy clean eating & exercising and go back to “normal”. When was I got to just give it up and eat pizza again!

The first year as a coach it was that “thing” that Melanie is doing! That Shake stuff! Those crazy workouts! She has lost her mind!

I was building my business before the boys woke up, at nap time, late at night. Any free second I got I would squeeze in a blog post, a FB post or a few invites and follow ups. I worked my business at the kitchen table, the counter while prepping food, or the couch while the kids watched their favorite cartoons. I truly was a hot mess but I was so passionate about what I was doing.

My hobby became more accepted in 2013, it became more like that part time GIG that she is doing! That THING that is taking up ALL her FREE time! That weird business where she is earning a trip to Disney for her family and is off to California for a leadership conference. You know that business that is giving them a little flexibility in their life so they can go out to dinner or take a family vacation or pay cash for their Christmas. It was still just my part time gig, my hobby and still people were WAITING for me to just go back to normal.

Then, it GOT REAL! I became the #2 coach in the network in 2014. I earned a trip to Italy with Matt first class. It was all new and unusual and still others saw it as my little fun money part time gig I was doing!

They thought I was crazy getting up at 5 am to workout and on the weekends to work my business. They watched me stay disciplined and consistent posting my selfies, my accountability and weekly meal plans and updates. And finally they just gave up and started accepting me the way I was. I mean at this point there was really no turning back!
It still didn’t make sense and no one really cared to understand why!

Until the day that Matt Mitro put in his resignation to leave his full time job and stay home so that we could build our business together, have better balance in our marriage and maximize our family time. SHIT JUST GOT REAL!  It went from a hobby, to a part time GIG to WHAT THE HECK DID YOU JUST DO QUITTING YOUR FULL TIME JOB!

But, as we continued to stay grounded in our priorities, we planned smart, we shared our vision and our decisions with our family it became respected. It became understood (partially) and it became our way of life.

Now this hobby that I started at my kitchen table has become our BUSINESS that brings us joy! It’s not going anywhere and we love the fact that each day we are helping other people achieve healthy and fulfilling lives.

It’s a growth process, just like everything!

No one is going to just give you credibility right from the start. I had to prove that I wasn’t going anywhere. That I was going to add value every day, that I was practicing what I was preaching and that this was who I am and that I BELIEVED in WHAT I WAS DOING!

So don’t ever let the opinions of others get in the way of the DREAMS you are building!


Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Elite coach,