Once a month, the Dream Team hosts a coach success story webinar. The great thing about these calls is that success is unique to each and every single person. That is why I am so honored to be able to feature coaches who have been successful on their own terms.  It’s really important to share different perspectives because this is not a one size fits all business.  Just because I built my business a certain way, doesn’t mean it is the only way you can build it.  

On Monday, February 27th, Bianca O’Brien, a three star diamond coach, shared her story and successes. Bianca is a mom, flight attendant, RN, and wife.  She did not at first have a vision for the business. She was simply looking for an outlet to get rid of pregnancy weight and pull herself out of  the state of depression and feelings of isolation that she had. After participating in a challenge group and seeing success, she knew she “found the world’s perfect solution” and wanted to share it with everyone she knew! Bianca rarely posted to her Facebook or invited others to join her due to hesitation – those first customers came from people who physically saw her results.  {Does this sound like you???}

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Bianca O’Brien Dream Team Success Story February 2017

Propelling Bianca forward in her mission to coach was the opportunity to attend a Diamond leadership retreat I was hosting in Deep Creek, Maryland. She knew she was falling in love with helping others and wanted them to feel what she was feeling, so she focused on business building activities to hit Diamond rank within two months of setting that goal. Being able to attend this retreat allowed her to see the “realness” of the business and sparked a fire within her. Right before attending this event, she also learned she was pregnant with her third child! Attending the annual coach Summit later that year really showed Bianca the true potential of what coaching could bring to her life, though.

She continued coaching through her pregnancy, however she felt like she couldn’t truly go “all in” until after she’d had her baby. She treated her business like a hobby, but she continued to fall in love with Beachbody Coaching. After having her third daughter, and learning that her mom (who lives in Brazil) being diagnosed with cancer, she had no desire to go back to her nursing career. She sat down with her husband and crunched the numbers – it was possible to leave her job as an RN thanks to her role as a coach! To truly make it work though, she was going to have to remain focused and driven. So what did she do to be able to achieve that goal??

Here are her top tips

Bianca set SMART goals to continue to move her business forward. These goals were:

Specific:  Well defined, significant and slightly challenging

Measurable:  Can you track the goal and how?  

Achievable:  action oriented, appropriate, can you accomplish this goal in a timely manner?

Realistic:  Relevant or personally rewarding to you?  

Time-based:  What is your time frame for achieving this goal.  Always set an end date.

How did she set the goals?

She took a leap of faith. Knowing greater things awaited, truly seeing the potential in the business, gave her the courage to set big goals.

Bianca reverse engineered these goals and set targets. How many challenge packs were needed each week to bring in needed income? How could she boost her weak leg volume? What was needed to get to Two Star Diamond to set up her second coach business center? How could she better educate herself on the products to increase retention?

She continually reassessed these goals and made minor adjustments when necessary. If something doesn’t seem to be working, make minor adjustments and give the adjustments time to work.  She didn’t just give up when there were obstacles, she learned to tweak her plan and continue moving forward which allowed her to truly find what worked for herself and her team.

Coach Success Story, Financial Success, Team Beachbody Coach, Melanie Mitro, Dream Team, Top Coach, Elite Coach
Bianca’s Success Top Tips

Bianca continues to use this model to date as she grows her business. On top of these three secrets to success, she also focuses on the Leadership Ladder as a benchmark for herself and her team. These goals have allowed her to:

  • build strength in business building behaviors
  • focus on something positive through difficult times
  • depend on her faith and personal development skills
  • build character & leadership skills with discipline and consistency

Looking back, there are a few things Bianca wishes she’d known.

Leadership skills need to be built. It’s easy to follow directions but it takes a lot to learn how to effectively give them!  Leadership is like a muscle, the more that you exercise it, the stronger it will get.  

You aren’t responsible for what others do. Don’t take “quitters” personally – most of the time it’s them not believing in themselves. Success comes from one’s own diligence and effort.  You have to focus on controlling the controllable and working with those coaches who are meeting you half way and putting in the genuine effort.  It doesn’t matter how fast or how slow someone is going, as long as they are moving forward.  

Don’t spend so much time reinventing the wheel. We have access to amazing resources, so spend your time building your business instead of doing busy work.  Our team has a new coach training university, a Phase 2 or 4 Vital Behaviors, Emerald to Diamond, Leadership Training, Team Calls and endless amounts of resources. So use what is there and tweak it to fit your style. There is no need to go out and re invent the wheel.

Coach Success Story, Financial Success, Team Beachbody Coach, Melanie Mitro, Dream Team, Top Coach, Elite Coach
Leadership is a skill

On top of all of this great information, Bianca did have some incredible tips for success that she so graciously shared.

How to fail at your income goals:

  • Lack vision – knowing what you want will push you through the tough times.
  • Not setting SMART goals – you have to know what it’s going to take.
  • Goals and vision not aligning – you set goals but your actions do not support your goals.
  • Being unwilling to make sacrifices.  You don’t have to give up your whole life but you will have to make choices.


How to be successful:

  • Follow directions until your business is stable – your coach has probably been in your shoes before, listen to them!
  • Stop thinking of numbers and ask, “Who can I help?”
  • Think about the difference this opportunity could make to someone’s life.
  • Don’t let your fears paralyze you.
  • Remember your “why” and quit caring what others think!
  • Be clear on what success means to you.
  • Understand what it would mean to you if you were able to reach your goals. Set dreams and forget the “what ifs.”

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