It’s time for my weekly update and as life would have it things didn’t go as planned last week.

Last week I blogged about my first week of Hammer and Chisel Max 3o Hybrid with my meal plan.  I created this hybrid myself and it is not something that I got from Team Beachbody.  I wanted a way to up my game with my cardio and I love Max 30 so I decided to mix the two programs together.  My body also responds well to high fat, high protein and low carb nutrition plans.  So I am using the portion fix container system to measure my food but following more of the Paleo food rules. This is truly the Melanie Mitro mix!   This is my second week of the program and I have had a few snags that were out of my control.  I am going to share it with you because it is life and I know that a lot of people I work with quit or give up because the first week didn’t go “perfect” and let’s be honest, perfection does not exist.  In life we have to be flexible and adapt to change and of course those random curve balls that get thrown at us.

I started off the week strong with nutrition and my workouts until I decided to up my weights and then I tweaked something in my back which led me to having a lot of lower back pain this week.  Add on top of that sore muscles from increasing my weights and I felt like a hot mess!  So to get rid of sore muscles I have been using the Beachbody Performance line Recovery Shake and the Recharge Shake which is the nighttime supplement.  I drink the Energize first thing in the morning before my workout so that I have that boost of energy to get myself going for the workout.

So I made it to Wednesday and then I had to make a change.  I ended up doing a hot yoga class at a local yoga studio called Salt Power Yoga.  The yoga class was incredible and gave me the stretch and sweat that I needed on Thursday afternoon.  Friday I took a rest day because I was really in pain with my lower back.  Saturday I ended up going back to Yoga and today is Sunday and I plan on doing Hammer and Chisel after this blog post and being back on track.  I actually am feeling better.  I will definitely be dragging out my foam roller and rolling out my hamstrings and back because I still am carrying some tension in there.

Headed to hot yoga this morning

For nutrition, I am proud to say that I stuck to the plan of attack and while I didn’t eat exactly what was on the plan I did make the best choices I could.

So it’s time to give it another try this week!  My goal is to use the clean eating principles of eating 5-6 small meals per day, drink lots of water, stay away from processed meals, sugary drinks and processed carbs.

It is a little over a month from our trip to Punta Cana so I am using that trip as my motivation to stay accountable to my nutrition and fitness.  What do you use as your motivation to stay on track?  I was telling my challengers this week to hang a pair of shorts or your bathing suit in the pantry door as a reminder of your goals.  I also had them take a picture in their bathing suit as a progress check.  Honestly that is the best way to keep on track is visually seeing yourself and where you want to go.  Create an inspiration board with fit/healthy body images you aspire to and set nutrition goals that promote healthy weight loss and not a crash diet.  Lastly, surround yourself with positive people that lift you up, encourage you and give you support especially if you do not have a family that is supportive in your journey.


Monday:  Total Body Chisel

Tuesday:  Max30 Cardio Challenge

Wednesday:  Iso Speed Hammer

Thursday:  Max 30 Cardio Intervals

Friday:  Iso Strength Chisel

Saturday:  Hammer Conditioning

Sunday:  Yoga

Hammer and Chisel, Max 30, Hybrid, Paleo, Clean Eating, Support

I hope that my journey helps you to take charge of your fitness and nutrition and you crush your health and fitness goals this spring.

If you do not currently have a coach and would like to work with me please contact me here to join my March 20th Battle of the Bulge Challenge Group.