Creating a following on your social media platform is an incredible way to expand your network marketing business.

The key is creating trust between you and your followers.

When I first started coaching, I had no social media knowledge, let alone any network marketing experience. I began my business with less than 100 friends on my Facebook account and a flip phone. Lacking expensive equipment or extensive knowledge should not stop you from pursing your passion!

One thing that is constant in social media is that change is always happening. Our platforms are always evolving, so it’s up to us to monitor the changes and trends. Take for instance Facebook – when images first started showing up on our newsfeed, they were what got you exposure. Now, visibility comes from live videos. It is up to us to get uncomfortable in our current situations so we can evolve with our platforms and see continued growth.

Step outside of your comfort zone and embrace change!


So how can you grow your following?

Give it time. Growing a following takes time, so don’t expect a quick fix. Your growth is a compound effect – a result of the effort you expend.

  • There are no quick fixes in business, just like your health and fitness. I never expected a massive following to happen overnight, but I continued to show up day in and day out.
  • Build a trusting relationship with those who do follow you! You know your product works for you, but others need trust to see that it can work for them, too.
  • Believe is vital, knowing growing a business takes work, belief in your products, and belief in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will, either. Lacking a mindset that you were meant to be great will result in a lack of greatness. Your belief in yourself is more important than any skill.
  • Struggles will happen, however you must create your own interventions when something isn’t working. Are you expecting your business to grow faster than what’s realistic? Do you have an entitlement mindset? Are you looking for the next quick fix? Are you hopping from platform to platform or idea to idea, generating inconsistencies? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you need to stop immediately.
You have to believe to achieve.


Embrace change. Understand that what worked for you in the past may not work for you now.

  • Interaction is key, so if you are struggling to maintain it, do some self-reflection to see if you are adding value. Using social media for networking goes beyond highlighting your accountability. You must give something for nothing!
    • Make your videos and posts fun!
    • Provide training and tips.
    • Showcase how products can be used.
    • Give a call to action.
  • Reflect on your content. Taking the time to look back and what you’ve been putting on your social media accounts will help you see what may or may not be working for you. Ask yourself,
    • What goal am I trying to achieve?
    • How can I create content that adds value?
    • So what? What are you giving to your followers to help them. Your social media account is a place to handle objections publicly, answer questions, and give ideas. Put content out there that creates trust and leaves people wanting more. 


Build relationships. You can’t be an introvert on social media. Plain and simple. Social media is about being social.

  • Reach out when people like and comment on your posts.
  • Engage with people who are interacting with you on your page.
  • Create a relationship through constant back and forth interaction to get to know one another.
  • Add value to establish credibility. Showcase how real you are so your followers can see that they can do it, too.


Consistency and positivity are vital. You lose credibility with a lack of consistency.

  • Building momentum is hard if you keep stopping.
  • Don’t ever stop. Even if you aren’t working at your peak performance, you must still show up!
  • Share your life. View your social media accounts as a life journal. Share those ups, downs, and rebounds. Look at the glass half-full no matter what you are sharing.
Being inconsistent can create a lack of trust from your followers.

Now it’s time for some self-evaluation.

Are you maintaining positivity everyday in all that you do?  Are you looking at the opportunity through the wins as well as the struggles? Remember that no one wants to follow negativity. Your vibe and personality will attract others.

Are you constantly raising the bar and upping your game? Invest in betterment! Take advantages of your resources, from trainings to personal development. So much incredible information is at your fingertips if  you’re willing to search and utilize.

Are you leading from the front? Showcase your skin is in the game, too. Add value to what you’re sharing, and don’t be afraid to ask for engagement!


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