The Early Months:

Life Before Beachbody

Matt: business degree, working at Heinz in a fun yet stressful corporate job involving lots of travel. Eventually, a transition from Heinz to Bayer took place for more career and financial opportunities.

Me: graduate degree in special education but always wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom.

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We were your typical family of four!

In 2009 when Landon was born I went from my full-time job of being the Director of Early Intervention to part-time working as a Behavior Specialist Consultant at a Autism Spectrum Center. When Bryce was born, I quit my job altogether. Quitting my job created a financial strain within our household, especially considering Matt is a saver and I am a spender. Money was always our #1 argument.

Then I found Beachbody.

It was the perfect solution for my weight loss, completely changing my post-baby body. I had had this incredible transformation and knew I had to spread the word. This is when I signed up as a coach without Matt’s blessing.

In reality, I had no background in MLMs, social media, or running my own business. I had no skills or training.

I simply believed in the products and programs.

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Why I believed in Beachbody so much – the transformations!

I did not grow my business quickly. In fact, in about the first nine weeks as a coach, I only earned $50. This made it hard for Matt who did not see the effort matching the income. He thought my coaching was going to be a fad – I’d give it a few months then quit.

That wasn’t how I was going to go down, though! I was driven and motivated by Matt’s skepticism and my love of what I was doing! I pushed forward to

I knew I needed that income to gain Matt’s support!

As well all know, I stuck it out. It wasn’t a fad. I didn’t give up on myself. I continued to grow my business, however the turning point for Matt was attending Beachbody’s Annual Coach Summit in Las Vegas. This event took place about one year into my business. I told Matt he could come but he had to go with an open mind and had to be nice!

Matt’s purpose for joining me at Summit was to live the Vegas lifestyle! He wanted a few days away from the boys, the ability to stay up late partying, followed by sleeping by the pool the next day while I attended seminars.

Here’s what happened, though.

Matt grabbed some McDonald’s from the hotel lobby and walked into the room where Carl Daikeler, Beachbody CEO, was speaking. He took the time to listen. Hearing Carl speak allowed him to finally see the mission of the company – what they were doing and why they were doing it. He saw the potential in the future of the company. Beachbody wasn’t a “one trick pony.” Beachbody’s mission was always to help just one more person vs. just pushing products.

Upon returning home from Summit, Matt decided to try a workout program (T25) and began drinking Shakeology. He wasn’t a fast success for understanding my why, but when he did “get it,” it made life a little easier.

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Advice from the 3x Top Coach Husband

We don’t want you to make the same mistakes we did early on, so Matt has some advice.

Ask what can your spouse do to help you? See why your spouse is working so hard.

  • Emotionally – Melanie was connecting to doing something more; her ambitions were big!
  • Physically – She was struggling to feel better and this was a positive outlet for her.
  • Financially – It’s hard to not have that disposable income, so this was a way for her to help contribute.

I never saw Melanie being who she is within the Beachbody world. I developed the mentality that she maybe always didn’t understand what I did at Heinz or Bayer but she supported me. I had to reflect and to the same for her like she had a traditional job.

Balance was important. It’s ok that she’s on her computer while I’m watching tv because what’s the alternative? She could go back to her job and have to put the kids in daycare or she could not be making an income and just be watching tv with me.

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Educate yourself before making a judgement call.

As spouses, we need to be open-minded and confident in their abilities. Trust that they are doing what they say they’re doing.

Educate yourself in the business model and be open to communication. See the consistency when you give them a chance. Understand how the company works by reading the Policies and Procedures.

Educate yourself before making a judgment call.

What can you do better to help your spouse understand your passion and goals within this business?

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