Time management takes being disciplined.

I’m making that bold statement because it’s true. It’s just like your fitness and nutrition goals – you must have a plan of action and the correct mindset to succeed. As the CEO of your business, you must be self-aware of what’s robbing you of your time. I am no different than any other Beachbody coach. I never found a 25th hour in the day, had an magic secrets, or found a loophole to success. The only thing that made me any different was I treated this like the business that it is from the very beginning. I was a busy mom to two young kids and an unsupportive husband who simply created time to create a plan.

So what did that plan involve?

Setting business hours is key in your business. Not hours to create images, improve content for your groups, or create coach training. Hours to grow you business. These hours won’t always be the same from week to week or day to day. They may not even be in lumped periods of time, but instead they are spread out over 20-30 minute increments throughout the day! Use this time to do business building activities like

  • inviting,
  • adding contacts,
  • follow-ups,
  • prospecting.

Create a master list of activities you need to accomplish during the week. From there, ensure you complete 3-5 activities off that list daily. It is crucial to make the time to make a plan. I sit down every Sunday and create my weekly to-do list, marking things off as I go!

Become self-aware of distractions that are keeping you from advancing your business forward. Set intentions for your time spent working. (Here’s where that to-do list comes in handy!) Know exactly what you plan to accomplish in the time you have. You can clear distractions by:

  • turning off notifications,
  • putting your phone on silent,
  • closing the door,
  • setting a timer,
  • having a plan,
  • not overthinking it!
Clearing distractions can help with time management.

Utilize your “golden hour” wisely. This is the time you spending building your business when you are laser focused. The should be the time when you make the most progress as a CEO. You must own that CEO mindset as an entrepreneur. You are responsible for yourself.

To have credibility with people around you, you need to produce results. Creating an action plan and making strides in your business show that you are working and not playing.

Maximize your results by being responsible for yourself.

If you’re guilty of letting distractions get the best of you, what are you going to do to change it?


Trust me when I say I haven’t always had laser focus! I’ve caught myself scrolling, getting lost in Pinterest, continually answering messages as they pop up, and “accidentally” adding items to my shopping cart. Are you actually doing business building activities or deflecting to your comfort zone? Use each day as a chance to practice doing one thing better than you did the day before.

Your goal for this week, and every week moving forward, is to track your business and nightly evaluate it to see if progress is being made toward your goals. Remember that busywork is not an excuse for prospecting.

Are you managing your time well or just acting like you are?

What is one tip you plan on putting to action immediately?


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