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The results are in from our 3 Day Refresh!  For the past 3 days both Matt and I have been “refreshing”.  I am sure you are wondering what it the world that it means to be refreshing!

So the 3 Day Refresh is a Beachbody product from the Ultimate Line.  It is a plant based 3 day cleanse that is meant to jump start your weight loss, break a plateau or just clean you up for an event or trip.  The 3 day refresh is NOT going to be a cleanse that you have to worry about running to the bathroom!  It is a gentle natural cleanse that will help you to get back on track.  Especially after the Easter Weekend where we had our share of Easter ham, coconut cream pie and of course my husbands hand was in the jelly bean bowl quite a few times.  We definitely needed a good sugar detox to get back on track.  Plus we leave for the Team Beachbody Success Club Trip to Punta Cana tomorrow and I wanted to feel my best.

So here is the scoop on the refresh:

Day 1:  When you wake up you drink a large glass of water.  You can still workout while doing the refresh so I did my normal workout which was the 21 Day Fix Extreme and it was Plyo that day.

After my workout I showered and made my Shakeology (Chocolate) with water and had a 1/2 banana as my serving of fruit.  In the manual it gives you a list of foods you can eat and also the serving size to go with it.

For your mid morning drink you mix the Fiber Sweep which has an orangy, gritty flavor you put in 8 oz of cold water into a shaker cup and you literally shake the crap out of it and drink it IMMEDIATELY.  I say immediately in ALL CAPS because if you let it sit, it will turn into jelly!  Rather GROSS!!!

Note:  Make sure you drink lots of water especially if you do not typically get a fiber rich diet.  The first time I did it my stomach was a little distended, although this time I was totally fine!

For lunch you get a shake which is called Vanilla Fresh and it is a high protein (plant based) shake that really tastes good.  You mix it with 12 oz of cold water, you also get a serving of fruit, veggies and a good fat.  I had strawberries, cucumbers and almond butter.  Now this was definitely the part where I was hungry and a little foggy.  I drank a TON of water and also had a cup of Green Tea which staves off hunger easily.  

I made it to dinner… BARELY! 🙂  But dinner was a Vanilla Fresh Shake with 12 oz cold water and we made the veggie stir fry recipe from the book.  Both Matt and I were pretty hungry and a little grumpy.  Day 1 is always the hardest because it’s a big change.  We both had a cup of tea and let ourselves go to bed early.

Day 2:  (TUESDAY) I woke up feeling good!  My stomach wasn’t growling so I call that a win!  I did my workout which was Upper Fix Extreme followed by 10 minute ab chisel.  I repeated the exact same day 1 menu except for dinner which we decided to have the spinach salad instead.  You can literally have the same thing every day if you want, which keeps it super easy to plan.

Clean Eating, 3 Day Refresh, Vanilla Fresh, Fiber Sweep, Shakeology, Results are in

The evening of day 2 we were still going strong and feeling great.  Of course a little foggy mentally from the crap leaving our bodies but I was able to fold laundry, clean up the house and get everything done that I needed to.

Day 3:  (Wednesday) It’s like HECK YEA!  I’m in the home stretch and I got this!!!  I woke up and did my Lower Fix Extreme Workout and crushed leg day!!!  I repeated day 1 and 2 as far as food goes and had some pineapple for lunch instead of strawberries and the same spinach salad for dinner!

3 day refresh food, clean eating, results, shakeology, vanilla fresh, fiber sweep


This morning was the 4th day and I woke up and now the results are in!  I got in the scale to see that I was down…. 4.5 pounds in 3 days and Matt was down 3.8 pounds.  I would say that is not too shabby at all!  My stomach was flat, I felt energetic, I wasn’t dragged down by starchy carbs and sugars and I was ready to resume my clean eating lifestyle.  



I always get asked the question:  Will I gain the weight back afterwards?  Well, the answer is YES if you go right back to what you were eating before the 3 day refresh.  But, if you follow the 3 Day Refresh maintenance guide, or you follow a clean eating lifestyle (Portion Fix) then you can easily continue your progress, maintain your results and use this as the stepping stone in your journey!

Today I had a Shakeology with almond butter, 12 oz of water, some ice and 1 handful of spinach for breakfast.

Lunch was a grilled chicken salad with avocado, loads of veggies and balsamic and EVOO.

Dinner was another Shakeology, the same recipe as breakfast because I was so busy today I didn’t have time to cook!  I also had a side of watermelon and a few cups of tea.

Here is my maintenance plan below!  It’s back on track and packed and ready for our trip!!!

3 day refresh meal plan, meals, food, clean eating, maintenance guide, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach



If you would like to try the refresh and or you would like to join an accountability and support group so that I can help you reach your health and fitness goals please complete the application below and I will contact you ASAP with the details.

3 Day Refresh Results, Melanie Mitro