What business goals are you setting for yourself?

Are you going above and beyond to reach them, or are you simply coasting – doing the bare minimum to scoot by?


When setting goals, first and foremost you should know why you want to achieve these goals. What is the driving force behind your motivation? How will reaching these goals positively impact your life?

What type of goals are you setting for yourself?


When you set a goal, do not set an easy goal. If you truly want to see success, you need to be setting goals that challenge you. Setting goals that push you outside of your comfort zone separate the those who simply want success from those who actually achieve success.  I mean setting big scary goals that you have no idea how the heck that you are going to reach them! That is how you freaking 10x your business goals.


Over the years, I’ve noticed several common sticking-points with many people.

  • Folks underestimate what it will take to reach their goals. Goal setting should not be about playing it safe. Goal setting should be about taking massive action. 
  • We sell ourselves short. Rather than setting a manageable goal, set a goal that will require you to go above and beyond. 
  • They quit showing up daily. You do not deserve anything unless you are consistently showing up and improving.
  • People don’t take the initiative to be successful. Everything you need to be successful is right in front of you.  But people still are searching for the missing secret key instead of taking action.

When you put your focus in the right direction, that’s the direction you head.

Make sense?

If you head down the road of self-destruction through procrastination, negative self-talk, and surround yourself with those who don’t believe in you, pretty soon you won’t be getting anything accomplish, you’ll feel terrible, and you’ll have proven all of those people right.

However, if you wake daily with a positive mindset, eat that frog and get your most daunting tasks done first, and surround yourself with other sources of positivity, pretty soon you’ll start seeing all of those activities compounding into areas of your life flourishing.


Why do the bare minimum when you could set big, scary goals and work towards SO much more?!


So how can you 10X your business?

To set a goal, break it down and research what it will take to get you there. Take what you think it will require for you to reach that goal then expand on what you need to do by 10X.  Most people under estimate the amount of effort and time it will take to reach the goal.  If you over deliver it’s better than under delivering.  I can say that this is true.  Every time I set a deadline for a goal it almost always took me 6-8 weeks longer to accomplish the goal.  When it comes to making sure that you know what it takes to reach the goal here is what I mean.  Do you know how to get to Diamond or Star Diamond or did you just pick that goal because it’s what everyone else is doing?  Have you actually taken the steps to visually lay out what you will need to get to the goal and what your daily actions will be to get there?  This is a little backwards chaining going on here. Start with the end goal and break it down into weekly and daily tasks.  Boom— now you have a realistic action plan that is not as overwhelming as the larger goal!!!

It truly can be as simple as creating an action plan. A detailed action plan. There is nothing stopping you from reaching your goals except you. Take action!

I’m going to get real with you…

10X-ing your business won’t happen over night.

Consistency over time, proving that you’re in it for the long haul, will help lead you to massive results.

Obstacles make you who you are. They are not a sign that you weren’t meant to succeed. Overcoming obstacles comes with consistency. Stop and think – not building your business won’t change the obstacle. When you face challenges, re-align your goals, laser focus on what you can handle, and do not quit.  Let me also be clear with this.  THERE WILL BE obstacles.  There will be roadblocks.  There will be moments where you are faced with what seems like an impassable situation.  Let me remind you that YOU CAN AND WILL get THRU it.  QUITTING is not an option and quitting or downplaying the goal is not going to make you happy.  You don’t accomplish anything by quitting.


Reaching a goal is awesome. Knowing what you accomplished to get there is what matters.


With that laser focus, having reached your goal, you will realize that the most fulfilling part of reaching a goal is what it takes to get there. Knowing that despite all of the challenges thrown your way, your hard work and consistency got you to this point.

You need to be showing up daily, adding value to the lives of those around you. Do not let failure set you back. Use failure as fuel. You can build massive success no matter what your circumstances, but you cannot stop showing up. You have to earn your success. 

Another real point.

You don’t deserve anything unless you’re consistently showing up and improving.

Being a successful entrepreneur is not about entitlement. Remember, negativity repels, so change your mindset.  So many people think that just because they have been in business for X amount of years that they are entitled to more success! I’m sorry to burst your bubble but average effort is not going to get you a raise.  Just showing up and being an employee but not doing anything that stands out is not going to get you a promotion!  It’s just the way it is, the reality is this.  No matter what business you are in, you have to stand out to get the big breaks.  If you don’t have credibility yet then your #1 goal is to create that through your daily 10X’ing of your life.


If you truly want to 10X your business, reaching those incredible goals you set for yourself, keep trying until you figure it out. Everything you need to be successful is right in front of you.

Ask yourself what excuses are you feeding yourself?

  • Check them at the door! Leaning into those excuses won’t help or motivate you!
  • Google it! Find a resource that will help you grow! You have so much information at your fingertips if you simply utilize it!
  • Implement! What good are these awesome resources if you don’t take action with them?!  Do not overplan, just go, fail, and try again!
  • Track! Stop getting caught up in the details of how to track and do it! Take action and note if you’re heading in the right direction.


Can you go to bed tonight saying you won the day?


Finally, be reflective as to what you’ve put out there each and every single day. Ask yourself did I win the day? Have you done everything in your power to move forward?

If not, don’t stop. 

You can stop when you reach your goal.


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