I cannot believe that we are less than 30 days until Summer break.  I like to call this the 30 Days Til Summer Countdown.  My kids have less than 20 days of school left and then 3 months of summer break.  We have so many things planned this summer from long weekend trips to the cabin, beach vacation, New Orleans for Coach Summit and lots of friends and family visiting us this summer.  There will be lots of fun cocktails, drinks by the pool and great food that we grill out with!  This is my FAVORITE time of the year.  I swear that I am just a much happier person in the summer months.  I thrive on sunshine and pool vibes with my friends and family.


I USED to loathe summer because that meant that I would have to do the dreaded bathing suit shopping, followed by showing up at the public pool in my swimsuit to showcase my not so attractive mom body! Totally mortifying and then I found myself looking at those skinny mini momma’s who just shrunk right back to their pre-baby bodies with a snap of their fingers.  What the heck… how do they do that!!!  I will be honest with you and say that I used to let that comparison game get to my head and I would avoid the pool because of it.  But it made me so sad because I was missing out on making memories with my boys because of my own insecurities.

I remember very distinctly the month when I decided that enough was enough and I was going to take control of my bad habits AKA Diet Coke, cream and sugar in my coffee, Starbucks lattes, 100 calorie packs of cookies, and low fat bread vs whole grains and I was going to workout (something I hadn’t done in 2 years).  I legit could not go on like this anymore.  I decided to take the leap of faith and join a Beachbody Challenge Group with my Coach.  I had absolutely no idea what a challenge group was or how it was going to help me get results.  But I was randomly invited by my coach who is the wife of one of my husbands high school friends.  I accepted because it sounded like fun and she had 2 kids about the same age as mine so I related a lot to her story and transformation.  She added me to the closed online accountability group and I was required to do a Beachbody Workout (Insanity, P90X, 21 Day Fix, Fix Extreme, Core De Force, 22 Minute Hard Corps, Piyo, ect….) and replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the group.  I was so desperate and I saw her transformation and I thought if she can do this then so can I.

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So what did I do next?  I got to work!

I printed out the workout calendar and hung it in my basement storage room where I was going to workout during the boys nap time.  Every single afternoon I would show up, rain or shine I was pressing play.  Some days I wanted to die during the warmup and other times I was noticing that I was making progress.  The one BIG mistake that I made was that I did not even open up the nutrition plan that came with Insanity.  I thought that what I was already doing would work.  I really thought that I could outwork a bad diet.  30 days til summer countdown, melanie mitro, top coach


This is where I could of quit, but I didn’t, WHY??

After the first 30 days I was literally only down 2 pounds.  WHAT THE HECK!!!  I was literally cardio’ing myself to death and I was seeing very little changes. My coach recommended to me that I start following the nutrition plan and adopting the Clean Eating Principles (AKA portion fix) into my routine.  I went full force in meal planning, prepping, clearing out the temptations from my house and I became obsessed with changing our families eating habits.  Not only did I end up losing a total of 30 lbs  but Matt lost 10 pounds just by the healthier dinner options I was serving.  It was a GODSEND for me.


I can tell you that the biggest contributor of my results was definitely having the challenge group and my coach to support my journey.  The challenge group was such an incredible positive place for me to go for daily motivation, for a good swift kick in the pants or an attitude adjustment when I wasn’t seeing the results as fast as I would of liked.  The challenge group was literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. It taught me how to feed my body with great fuel, it taught me how to be disciplined to get my workout in daily and it taught me how to think more positively and realize that transformation isn’t a present day activity it is a lifelong process of improvement.

Because of that experience 6 years ago I decided that I was going to become a coach!  I have been a coach for 6 years and I have been running accountability and support groups to help people just like me! I want you to know that there is another way to get in the best shape of your life and to take control of your bad habits, your emotional eating, late night snacking and to chuck your excuses to the wind.  I have been running groups every single month for 6 years and the amount of lives that I have had the ability to make a positive influence on is humbling.  This time of year always provokes more of an emotional response because it reminds me of where I started in this journey and where I have come.

Now my goal is to share that with you!

So I am kicking off my very next group inspired by my transformation!  It is called the 30 Days Til Summer Countdown.  I remember the May that I started my transformation we had 4 weddings that summer and a beach vacation and I wanted to be in the best shape of my life.  That was my motivation was to rock any dress that I wanted!

30 days til summer countdown, melanie mitro, top coach, challenge group, join now


So starting on May 15th I’m going to be hosting the 30 days til summer countdown.  How it works is this:  it is a closed online accountability group that you can access through our private app.  I will help match you up with a Beachbody fitness program that meets your current needs and ability level, I will match you up with the Shakeology flavor that works for you, and the nutrition plan, and then you will be added to the accountability group.  In the group the first week I call it Pre Season.  This is where I will help you to set realistic and achievable goals, I will help you to navigate the meal plan, the nutrition guide, we will actually do a meal plan, I will give you recipes, tips and daily accountability.

Each week you will receive a Monday Mindset video from me and then daily accountability from myself and the interaction from the entire group of customers/coaches.

My goal is to help you start and finish a program, change your eating habits and get the results that you want and desire based on your goals.  So if this sounds like something you would like to do then please complete the application below to get additional information and to join.

Summer Shred, Beachbody Challenge Group, all Access, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach

Support From The Group:

  • Meal Planning
  • Healthy Recipe Swaps
  • Weekly Meal Planning
  • Tips to handle temptations
  • Tips to handle late night snacking
  • How to keep it clean when ordering at a restaurant
  • Tips for traveling and going on vacation and staying accountable
  • How to handle the unsupportive family members or picky eaters in your family
  • How to handle a plateau or lack of progress
  • Access to me 24/7 through the challenge tracker app, FB and or email

Look, summer is coming whether you want it to or not.  You have 2 choices.  You can run and hide from it and be miserable all summer long or you can take control of your nutrition and fitness and make the change.  You do not have to do this alone.  I will be your coach and you will have access to the group and myself 24/7.  My job is to answer your questions, help you when you get stuck, and be your biggest cheerleader.  Truly I just want you to feel in control and confident in your skin!

I remember thinking to myself that this doesn’t work and that all these transformations were photo shopped!  HA true story!!  But, I set out to prove it wrong!  I did the workouts, I followed the nutrition plan, I showed up, I did the work and I can say it is so fulfilling to know that it was my hard work that produced those results and it happened in a really healthy way!

So now it’s your time!  Will you let me mentor you to reaching your health and fitness goals?  Let’s do this together.

Video on exactly what you can expect from this group

Starting on the 15th of May and running for 37 days which is perfectly in line for summer!

Trust me you can make a lot of progress in 30 days!!  I know the tricks and the tips and I can help you get to where you want to be!

But it all starts with you, a decision, a commitment and then the work to get out what you put in!  It is an investment in your health but it’s the very best gift you can give to yourself.

30 days til summer countdown, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, transformation, Challenge Group

Are you in?!  The next step is to fill out the application below, NOTE If you already work with a coach or you are a coach on another team then this will not be applicable to you.  Please reach out to your own coach and get involved in their groups please.

The time is now!  There will always be a get together, a party or a trip.  You just have to learn to plan around that and I will teach you those skills as well.  So, this is a sign if you are reading this.  It’s go time!