Shift Shop Week 2 is officially in the bag.  We are ready to start our 3rd and final week of round 1 of the Shift Shop Coach Test Group.  I can tell you that this past week was the hardest of all the weeks I have ever done in the past 6 years of my life.  Prior to accepting the Shift Shop test group position we had a small trip planned to Disney and we figured it wouldn’t be too hard to make it through a few days at the parks and still rock the group! Boy oh boy…. it was definitely a challenge and I consider myself a pretty committed person but there were so many times where I wanted to cave to the Mickey Waffles, the ice, cream and the unlimited dessert bars!  But I can say that both Matt and I rocked the results and we didn’t cave in once!!!!  Even our kids by the end of the week started to say that we couldn’t have that because it wasn’t on our “diet”.  ROUGH I know!  But what I can say is that we absolutely feel amazing and accomplished after that week.

So lets talk about week 2 of Shift Shop

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Our workouts went from 25 minutes to 35 minutes and the intensity increased as well.  I actually really loved the workouts in week 2 and I made it my goal to challenge myself and push out of my comfort zone which I did.  I upped my weights from 10 to 12 lbs in a lot of the upper body workouts and then to 20 and some 25 lbs in my lower body workouts.  By Sunday, I was absolutely toast and my legs were jello. They are actually still pretty stinking sore right now!!  I can tell that I am leaning out and that I am getting stronger.  There is a modifier in every workout which is awesome because if you can’t do the move full out then you can absolutely follow the modifier.  You just slowly increase your intensity as you get stronger. I definitely use the modifier on the push ups because I am not strong enough to do those push ups the entire time with weights.

Shift Shop Nutrition:

For food, this past week I dropped in my carbs from 2 yellows to 1 yellow and I got 1 extra green container this week.  Actually with this program you technically can have unlimited veggies but I only tried to use that when I absolutely needed them.  Food wise we were really great with the food!

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Shift Shop Nutrition On The Road:

When we travel we actually take with us a little mini cooler.  We really like the Jaxx cooler.  Matt cooked hamburgers, roasted some red peppers and baked a sweet potato that we took on the airplane as our dinner. We portioned out cucumbers and strawberries as snacks to grab and go.  We also took our Shakeology, a shaker cup, Energize and Hydrate with us in our luggage.

So for an example of what we ate at the parks: We opened Hollywood Studios on Thursday with a character breakfast.  We had a buffet in which we ordered an omelet with egg whites and heavy on the veggies and cup of fresh fruit. We had coffee and that was it!

Lunch:  We had reservations at a restaurant which we ordered a steak with no butter, just salt and pepper and instead of the mac n cheese we were able to get steamed veggies and doubled the veggies.  Iced Tea to drink.

Snack:  Matt and I made our Shakeology and got a cup of fruit for a snack while the kids ate pizza.  Shakeology is our SAVING GRACE, it was the one sweet fix that kept us on track and at least gave us that chocolate fix.

Dinner was fajita veggies and chicken and we omitted the beans and rice.

Then, we had booked a dessert party with the Star Wars Characters for the boys so of course no dessert for us but we did eat some more fruit and had a cup of coffee!  We made it through the day!!!!  When we got back to the room we chowed down some veggies and called it a night!

WILL POWER that is all I have to say!!!  I didn’t want to cheat, I wanted to make it through the test group and I say I did it.  I was tempted, I wanted to cave in but I just knew that I wanted to be honest! So there you go!  We did it!  HARD YES, but rewarding… ALWAYS!!!

Working Out While Traveling

I packed my shift shop markers and hit up the gym each morning so that I could get my workout in.

The gym had weights and I just took my laptop down to the gym and did my workout each morning without fail!  Honestly it is all about what you put your mind to.  If you want to complete a program or stick to a meal plan it is literally a decision in your mind to see it through until the end.  There will always be temptations and there will never be a perfect time but when you want to get the results you just make that shift.  Of course this doesn’t mean that I will forever be strict, but for the next 3 weeks I made the commitment and then afterwards I can go back to my 80-20 rule where I allow myself the 1 cheat meal per week.

Lets Talk About Week 3 Meal Planning and Workouts:

So now here we are working on Week 3 Shift Shop Meal Plan for the last and final week of round 1.  This week our workouts go up another 10 minutes.  So our workouts are 45 minutes each day with 2 days where we add on the 10 minute abs.  The intensity is going to grow and for sure we are going to be challenged.

I am ready for it! Bring it on!!!!

The Shift Shop Workouts

Monday:  Speed 45

Tuesday:  Strength 45

Wednesday:  Speed 45

Thursday:  Strength 45 and Abs

Friday:  Speed 45

Saturday:  Strength 45 and Abs

Sunday:  Rest or Stretch

Week 3 Shift Shop Meal Plan

So here we are on the last week of the meal plan and I have officially given up starchy carbs for the next 7 days.  I did go up in veggies and proteins and good fats so that is a win!! I am traveling still so Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be Omelets at the hotel restaurant and fruit.  Lunches will be salads with dressing and the snacks we hit up the grocery store for some fresh fruits and veggies plus we have our Shakeology and almond butter.  I am ready to rock this week 3 shift shop workouts!

Shift Shop Meal Plan, Week 3 Meal Plan, Plan A, Melanie Mitro, top coach, Coach test group

Here is my meal plan!  Notice I keep it super simple and literally do not do any complex meals.  Just protein with no salt added seasonings and fresh steamed veggies.

It might be basic but it works.

So are you ready to make the shift?

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