I cannot believe week 1 is in the books and today starts week 2 of the shift shop meal plan, prep and workouts.  Week 1 brought with itself many of challenges, all with which we have been victorious so far.  Week 1 was basically our body detoxing from the fruity cocktails  and carbs that were consumed on our vacation and from Cinco De Mayo.  On Monday I swear I had flu like symptoms because my body was withdrawing from the unhealthy choices.  It’s incredible what food really does to your  body when you cut them out.  My workout on Monday last week also suffered due to my poor nutrition prior to the start of the program.  I powered through the first two days and by Wednesday of last week I was feeling more energetic and my workouts were starting to pick up again.  I felt like I could really give it my all and was dripping sweat by the end of the workouts.

Week 1 workouts were all 25 minutes long and alternated between Speed 25 and Strength 25 with 2 days of additional 10 minute ab work.  There is an optional workout on Sunday and then today we started all new workouts.

Week 1 abs was mind blowing!  Maybe we thought we were going to die a little!!!

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We defeated week 1 workouts, that was freaking hard but it was worth it

Week 2 workouts increase in time by 10 minutes.  Week 2 workouts also increase in intensity as well.  The workouts are 35 minutes, 6 days a week and alternate between speed and strength with ab workouts as well.  The Speed workouts use the shift shop agility markers and work your entire body from head to toe and everything in between.  The Strength workouts utilize weights and is a total body strength training workout. The ab workout is just a beast of its own!!!

Here is a sneak peek of the Speed 35 workout we did today  (note it was sped up so this is faster than real time)

 Lets Talk About Nutrition Next

Week 1 nutrition plan was not unbearable.  It is different from the 21 day fix which allows you to use almond, coconut milk and substitute out a yellow for wine.  Where the Shift Shop Nutrition does not allow you to have any treats or cheats.  This is a 3 week rapid results program which means that there are no cheats or treats. Do not let that deter you.  Do not let that keep you from starting the program.  There is never going to be a 3 week stretch where you do not have temptations or events that are going to present challenges.  We had friends over on Friday night and opted for La Croix and Strawberries vs cocktails and then on Sunday it was Mother’s Day and we had to pass on the cake, pie and chocolate covered strawberries. Saturday night was the Pens game in which a beer or Moscow mule is usually our drinks of choice but we stuck with the La Croix.

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That was tough but honestly it was worth it.  We made the commitment and we are not backing down.  Plus we want to prove that it can be done!

Our Week 1 Results (weight only)

Matt lost 6 pounds in week 1 and I lost 3 pounds in week 1.  I would say that was not to shabby for our very first week.  Let’s see what the next 2 weeks can bring us!


How is week 2 nutrition different?  Week 2 nutrition plan and prep!

Week 2 nutrition with the Shift Shop program changes a bit.  We actually decrease a carb and increase a veggie.  It actually changes for each bracket based on your weight.  So I can only speak for the bracket that I am currently in. This is part of the shredding process.  It is about cutting those carbs, increasing your good fats and protein and leaning out!!!  I just have to be more mindful of when I need the carbs. Truthfully my carb is going to come at dinner time vs lunch because that is where I tend to tank the most.  Also, in week 1 week had a longer list of carb options than in week 2.  Week 2 took out the black beans and re fried beans and we are down to sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and squashes.  I definitely am keeping it pretty basic this week.  I am not starving, I am just restricted and there is no need for fancy recipes because it is basically protein and lots of veggies with a sprinkling of the other food groups in there.  Everything is measured using the portion controlled containers and tracked with the tracking sheets.

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Challenges of Week 2 Meal Plan and Prep

This week for sure is bringing us some new challenges.  We accepted the invitation to the Shift Shop Test Group knowing that we would be taking the kids to Disney and Universal Studios this week for a little family get a way.  We knew that eating in Disney and Universal would be a challenge that we were fully committed to.  So we created our meal plan with the notion that we will take our portion controlled containers with us.  We will pack our Shakeology, our performance line (energize, hydrate and recover) we will get our workout done in the hotel gym before we head to the parks and we will not deviate from the plan!  We will crush our water intake and stay hydrated and eat extra veggies if we get hungry.  That is the 1 nice thing about the meal plan is that you do get to eat as many veggies as you want. So an extra green container is totally fine if we need it.

So you can follow my Instagram stories and Facebook this week to see us in action as we travel and stay accountable.

We are packing a cooler to take to the airport with our dinners and snacks.  We are going to take our snacks to the parks with us and we are going to keep each other on track.  No pain no gain right?

Bring on WEEK 2!!!!!

When Will This Program Be Launched?

It will be launched in July of 2017.  Complete the application below to get on my list and I will keep you up to date with all new information about the program and releases.