It is time to master the art of using social media to your advantage.

You do not have to have an incredible amount of experience or knowledge to be a social media success. You must simply be able to fail forward and learn via trial and error.


When I first started in network marketing, I had no idea how to maximize the use of my content on various outlets. Using different content on all the outlets left me feeling overwhelmed.  How could I possibly come up with enough posts to cover Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Business Page?

Then I learned to create content that can be shared on three different platforms in three different ways and everything changed.  It was like someone switched the lightbulb on and everything became clearer.

Things to know:

  • despite multiple accounts, people generally check in with one more than others, for example people use Facebook more than Instagram or vice versa.
  • each social media outlet is going to attract a different audience,
  • different markets allow you to reach more people.


Utilize hashtags! Hop on Google to learn about popular tags and how to effectively use them. Search for your favorites to see who you can potentially connect with. Research others that relate to you or attract people like you.

When utilizing Hashtags think of the things that you are most interested in.  For example, I will tag the brands of clothing I am wearing, the type of shoes, headbands, or gym equipment.  I also tag my furniture and decor.  You just never know when people are going to be searching the same ones and find you.

Like Page

Connect! A business page is fabulous, as it allows Facebook users to make connections with people outside of their warm markets. Thus, you can share more content! With a Like Page, people will follow because they like the content, so put it out there! For a like page, you do not have the posting limit that you typically have on your personal page so you can really put yourself out there as many times a day as you want since people follow your page for that specific content.


Perfect for repeat information! When I initially started my blog, it was to answer commonly asked questions. When I would get the “how to” questions, cost concerns, and meal planning prompts, I would take to my blog to articulate my answers. From there, whenever someone asked a question, I would refer them to a particular blog post. Not only would it answer their question, but it would drive traffic to my page, increasing the affinity.

Maximizing Your Efforts

Same content shared three different ways!


Make images that can be used in various outlets. Create images with sizes that can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, and a blog. For instance, if you create a square image, it will perfectly fit the Instagram size. On Facebook, the size is irrelevant allowing you to post the same image there. Finally, maximize your efforts by building blog posts around the images/content you’ve created on other outlets.

Pin It! Install the Pin It button on your browser (easily found by Googling how) to almost instantaneously share your images to Pinterest. You can attach images to different boards, so when people are searching topics/boards on Pinterest, they can be tied directly to your content.

Have fun with videos! When you go live on Facebook or do team trainings, upload that content to YouTube. With a Live video, you can directly download the feed to your phone (prior to publishing the video on your Facebook wall), then you can upload it to YouTube. Be sure to use hashtags on your videos to allow YouTubers to find, follow, and connect.  You can then also use the video on your blog post as well.

Sprinkle your content all around!!

Maximize your content by sprinkling it different social media outlets!


Take a moment to think about what extra steps you can take to share your content. Keep in mind that content shouldn’t stay on one platform. You want to spread your knowledge to make that impact! Maximize your volume with your content, not your time. You do not have to be glued to your computer 24/7 to truly utilize your marketing impact via social media.


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