I am so excited to finally spill the beans on a few projects that have been in the works for the Dream Team Organization.  When I started as a Coach 6 years ago (July 2011) the company was in the beginning stages of creating trainings, scripts and guides for new coaches.  There was not a new coach training process, coach basics or emerald to diamond trainings.  I actually was an active participant in creating the very first Coach Basics training that Beachbody put released.  I tell you all of this because I was absolutely flying by the seat of my pants as a new coach.  I failed forward, I messed up at getting new coaches started right, at running challenge groups and strategizing my way to Diamond and beyond.  Despite the lack of training I still managed to create a thriving business for myself and my team.  The most exciting part is that I created systems like no other.  Over the past 6 years I have compiled all of my trainings, tips, resources and guides into our team website and trainings to help new coaches get started right.  My goal was to cut each Dream Team coaches learning curve in half so that they wouldn’t make the same mistakes I did as a new coach.  I am really excited because our trainings have helped our coaches get started right and reach their own individual levels of success based on their efforts.  Now that Team Beachbody has announced that they will be opening for business in the UK I am stoked.  The reason I’m so excited is because I know that we have a pretty incredible system for helping new coaches build their fitness business with Beachbody and new coaches are going to have success right from the start if they follow the processes and skills that we are going to lay out there!

That brings me to todays blog post!  The Dream Team Organization has decided that since there are so many eager individuals from the UK that are ready and willing to start their own Beachbody business that we want to make sure we are absolutely meeting your needs.  So here is our game plan!  The Dream Team Is Coming To The U.K. in August.  To read more about what coaching is all about click here:  Beachbody Coaching Overview 

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Join The Dream Team U.K. Business Opportunity Event

On July 26th at 4:00pm EST and 9:00pm London time the leaders of the Dream Team will be going live to talk about what coaching is all about.  We want to equip you with all the information you need about getting started with coaching and what our team is all about!  There have been a lot of questions from individuals on what Team Beachbody stands for, how will we support customers, how can trainers benefit, what is the compensation plan and more.

During this live informational call we are going to share information on:

  • What Is a Beachbody Coach
  • How does the business model work
  • What is a challenge group, how do you support your customers
  • Social media (sharing and not selling)
  • How is the Dream Team different from other teams, and lastly
  • What is your next steps in setting yourself up for a successful launch come October 19th 2017.


Are you interested in learning more about building a fitness business with Team Beachbody in the UK?  

Here is the link to register for the live broadcast next week (July 26th at 9:00 pm London).  You can also fill out the form at the bottom of this post to get the link for the call this Wednesday night.

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Join Our Dream Team Facebook Community For U.K. Coaches

Following the business opportunity call next Wednesday, if you are not currently working with a coach you will be invited to join our Dream Team Closed Facebook Group.  In this group we will begin to host weekly pre-launch UK specific calls.  The team of leaders you see in the image above will be providing resources, scripts, documents and guides to help you get your business set up and ready for the official start date which is October 19th 2017.

The Dream Team Is Coming To The U.K. In August!!!!


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Then, you will also be given the link to register for our first LIVE EVENT in the UK.  The Dream Team is excited to announce that it will be traveling to Birmingham on the 20th of August to deliver pre launch training to anyone who is interested in joining the organization.  We chose Birmingham as the location to keep the cost affordable and the travel reasonable.  We will be hosting the training at the MalMaison Hotel in Birmingham.  Here is the link to the eventbrite to get the details and join us for a day of training, workouts and more.

To Register For The Training Event Click here

The training event will include specific training such as:

  • The compensation plan and how to earn
  • How to run successful challenge groups
  • How to grow your contact list
  • How to begin using social media to build your brand
  • Developing your vision, why and goals for your business

During the training event we will have a live group workout, samples of Shakeology, the performance line and the boost supplements.  We will be doing some giveaways during the event (Beachbody Swag and products).  The purpose of the event is to help identify the needs of the UK market, to help us tweak our trainings to meet your needs plus give you the information and resources needed to really rock your Beachbody Coaching business from the very start.  Our mission is to help you cut your learning curve, to empower you with our most successful tips and be there to support your coaching journey as you begin an exciting new venture.  Whether you are a current fitness instructor, a Beachbody On Demand Customer, or maybe you are like me and you are just looking for a way to get support as a customer you can join the event for all the details.

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We are beyond excited to meet everyone at the August event and truly create a culture of trust and learning that will continue to grow into an amazing relationship.  So what is the next steps?

If you are NOT currently committed to another coach, please fill out the form below.

Once you complete the form I will contact you within 24 hours with detailed information, the link to join our closed Facebook group and I will answer any questions that you have about coaching.  I am beyond excited about this opportunity and I can’t wait to expand our team in the UK and bring diversity, new friendships, and future leaders to the organization.

Now Accepting Applications to join our Dream Team United Family

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I am looking to expand our Dream Team Family to the U.K and share my resources, trainings, guides, scripts and positive team culture with you!

If you are excited about the business opportunity and would like to learn more about becoming a member of the Dream Team please do not delay.  I am only accepting a limited number of spots in my organization for new coaches.  If you would like to be the first to launch the U.K. Team Beachbody opportunity as a part of the 3X Top Team in Beachbody complete the application below and I will contact you with more information.  Team Beachbody will launch officially on the 19th of October to the U.K. but in the meantime I am beginning to hold weekly team calls, mentoring sessions and trainings to help my top coaches who are committed to joining my team get their business ready for opening day and fast success!  

Do you have what it takes to be a TOP COACH?

Becoming a top coach means that you have a vision for your business and life.  Being a top coach means that you have a passion for helping others achieve their health, fitness and business goals.  Being a top coach  means that you then take that passion and turn it into actions that are based on results.  You are always coachable, willing to learn and grow and you are not afraid to put yourself out there so that you can reach those that are ready to make the change.  Being a top coach means hard work, but work that is truly rewarding!

When you join the dream team you are guaranteed to get 1:1 training, small group support, access to all of our challenge group scripts, guides, business training and more.  At every stage of your business from brand new coach to successful six figure earner you will get the mentorship of myself and our leadership team.

I can’t wait to hear your story and help you to create your vision for your business.  What an exciting opportunity for growth! This is really going to be EPIC, I can feel it.