Passion is the most powerful thing you can have in your business.

When you tap into your potential, and it’s matched with your passion, you can truly change the world.

So what do you do when you feel like that passion isn’t quite there? 

First, I’m going to suggest journaling about your passions. What gets you fired up? What excites your soul and makes you want to leave the world a better place? Putting pen to paper and writing out your feelings will help. I promise!

But I have a few other ideas, too…

Reinvent yourself! 

Take your social media on a journey with you through life’s obstacles, transformations, or whatever else you’re going through. Changing your business based on your season of life will allow you to accommodate for whatever you’re going through. Embrace things that come your way and make it a part of your journey. Obstacles and changes are not a reason to stop! No matter what season of life you’re in, think about how you can make an impact in some way. Whatever is happening, find a way to leave a positive mark.


Know your outcome and your purpose!

You are allowed to be unsure of where you’re going, however, you must know what you love and be open to figuring out how to turn that passion into a source of income along the way! Be willing to grow yourself; every obstacle and roadblock is an experience and chance for growth. Keep in mind that 80% of life is showing up, even when it’s uncomfortable. If you are passionate about what you’re doing, remember that patience is key. It can take time to make an income while you’re making that positive impact on the world!

Allow yourself to settle into the discomfort along the way. Just be sure you’re giving your passion the chance to grow through it.  Change often comes during instability, but never stop moving forward and trying to find your voice!

You’re allowed to be unsure of where you’re going, but you must know what you love and be open to figuring out where that road takes you.


Launch a new idea!

Feeling stuck? Come up with something new! Figure out what you enjoy and what’s working for you, then do a twist on that topic to help others. Think about it, if you aren’t enjoying your workout program, you’re not going to be excited to press play daily. You must be willing to adapt and use your successes to help others.

Mingle with people!

If your circle drags you down, change your state! When you feel stuck, take a chance on associating with new people. I’m not suggesting you get rid of your friends and completely eliminate them from your life; I am simply saying that sometimes a new perspective can change your state of mind of the best. Find people who look at obstacles as an opportunity for growth – pick their brain and bounce ideas off one another!

Block out negativity!

First and foremost, don’t go searching for negativity. That never leads to any good. Cut ties from the negativity in your life and move on. (In the social media world, unfollow those who are always fixated on the negative. You’re not “quitting” the friendship, you’re simply choosing to focus on positivity.) No matter what challenges me in life, I know why I’m here and I guard that. Do not be afraid to put up a wall. Respect others and their businesses, but protect what is sacred to you. 

You can be respectful of others while also protecting what matters most to you.


Change your state!

If you’re losing motivation, you have the power to change your mindset. Personal development is a great way to regroup and shift your focus. If you aren’t in a state of passion and creativity, it’s better for you to take a little time away to change your mindset than work with a negative outlook. Get out of the house, sit in a coffee shop while reading a book. Go get your nails done. You get from the world the energy you put into it!

Stay the course!

Struggles make you great. No matter how difficult things may feel, keep going. Be willing to rewrite your story and work harder, knowing that it will make you great. This greatness will come from your attitude, passion, perseverance, and staying the course. The difference between those who flourish and those who flounder is grit. Do not give your goal an end date; continue to strive for greatness!

Be willing to innovate daily, as new ideas and creativity are inspiring!

Be grateful and count your blessings. Understand that your goal isn’t going anywhere, despite the season of life you’re in.

Allow yourself the opportunity to reflect. Get uncomfortable! You will come through finding your seasons of growth that will leave a positive mark on the world.


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