Want to gain focus and organization on results-driven behaviors?

Understand there are time-wasting activities and productive activities in every business. There are also business building sounding activities that are actually time-wasters. Knowing the difference is your starting point.

How to do you go about learning the difference?

Prioritize your day.

  • Make a to-do list. Use the top 3-4 spaces on that list to jot down the things that will most help move your business forward.
  • Recognize importance. You are an important priority! Take the time to invest in yourself (personal development) before you dive into helping others.
  • Be time sensitive. Literally go out and set a timer! Give yourself a set amount of time to work on you, to help others, and to work through your other activities.
  • Be honest. Ask yourself if what you’re doing is truly bringing you closer or taking you farther away from your goals.

Understanding that not everything will get accomplish will save you headaches, but realizing you’re taking the necessary action steps to progress will give you momentum to continue day after day. Taking the time to reflect at the end of each day to see if you accomplished business-building activities or time-wasters is crucial.

Literally ask yourself did I win the day? Did you do those 3-4 things that are at the top of your list? If you answer yes, then you’ve won the day! If you answer no, don’t go to bed until those activities have been crossed off your list. (In my role as a coach, these activities are thing like making daily posts, inviting people to join my groups/the coaching opportunity, and following-up with people.)

You may be asking why?

Talking to people and making them aware of what I do, of what I am passionate about, is the bread and butter of my business. Accomplishing these tasks puts my business on the radar and keeps my well from running dry.


Know where to focus.

Don’t focus all of your energy on trainings. The best way to build is to to learn as you go!

Please don’t take that as my saying that it’s unnecessary to do training. I’m simply stating that if you have 20 minutes in a day to allocate to inviting potential new customers or learning how to invite potential new customers… take that time to go out there and take action!


Another point to note is how important it is to focus time on developing a system that works for you for tracking. Tracking your business builds consistency and discipline. Treat your business like a business if that’s what you want it to be. You will never see the CEO of a major company not tracking the progress and trends of their business.

One way to get ahead is to think about whatever it is that you’re not the best at doing. Are you terrible at tracking whom you’ve been speaking with? Do you struggle when it comes to starting conversations and inviting others to join in what you’re doing? Do that activities first DAILY. Whatever it is that you struggle with the most should be the first thing you cross off your daily to-do list.


Take action.

Just do it. Stop overthinking things. Don’t focus your time and energy on what others are doing. Procrastination will delay your results, further delaying your growth.

Plain and simple.


Let’s recap on my Top 3 Take-Aways:

  1. Schedule time to work.
  2. Don’t overthink – just act.
  3. Reflect daily. Did I accomplish what I needed to? Am I proud of my progress.


Taking action on these three factors can greatly help you to gain focus and develop organization on results-driven behaviors!



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