Grit and Grace – Two Powerful Words

Grace is giving kindness to ourselves when it’s hard.

Grit determines that life challenges will not define nor defeat us.

Let me start by asking a question, how often do you hold yourself to unrealistic standards?

Too often, we don’t give ourselves enough grace. We focus too highly on the external forces around us which stops us from becoming truly great. We compare. Thanks to social media, it happens so often that we compare what’s going on in our lives to the highlight reel of others.

Trust me when I say, no one is self-discipled 24/7 in every area of their life!

No one is perfect!

We need to learn to read between the lines! Understand and be aware that folks showcase where they excel but not where they might be struggling. Do not put others on a pedestal. Every single person has multiple hats they are trying to wear- trying to find that balance. How do you find that balance? Make priorities and control the controllable by giving yourself grace.

You do not have to do it all.

  • Do not base your decisions on the priorities of others.
  • Do not “follow” those who give you anxiety. (I’m not saying don’t be their friend, I’m saying turn off the distraction.)
  • Be mindful of what distracts you.


Everyday is a new day to change the course of your path.


If you notice you’re not giving yourself that grace, take time to reflect on what you’re doing. Ask yourself what you could be doing differently to get out of the self-sabotaging cycle.

One key point when it comes to self-sabotaging is this busy-ness we create for ourselves. STOP doing activities that simply make you appear busy when you’re actually not being productive at all. We’ve all done it – no one is perfect – but think about what you can learn from those situations.

What can be done to course-correct?

  • Be solution and action-oriented. Don’t drown in the past, make a physical plan to overcome!
  • Create a to-do list. Write out the top three things you can begin implementing immediately to improve your situation.


Course-correcting is where grit comes into play. It’s not about what you do today and tomorrow. It’s about what you do today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life. It is the habit of discipline. 

Be aware, however, that grit is not hustle. I’m not telling you to give up your entire life to build a business.


Grit is:

  • doing something you are passionate about.
  • persevering in the face of adversity.
  • a never-give-up attitude.
  • giving yourself grace and being kind to yourself even when it’s hard.
  • deliberate practice. Being deliberate will help you when faced with obstacles. What you do when you are faced with obstacles determines your future success.
  • working hard at a few things but not everything. Play up your strengths and stop wasting time where you don’t feel the passion.

It is ok to quit if you aren’t passionate about something. It is ok to not pursue certain areas of a business that others may be going down because it is not your passion. Don’t apologize for opting out of something that doesn’t align with what you love.  Our potential is on thing, but what we do with it is another.


Success requires grit and grace. Be sure to take life with a grain of salt, knowing all actions may not work. Slow, tiny shifts daily can get you to where you want to be. Stay aware of what adjustments lead to bringing out the best from within.

Think about this: what can you do today that can give you more grit and grace?  There are lots of activities that we may not want to do, however they are a means to an end when thinking of getting closer to that long-term goal. Stop apologizing for your passion. Do it, and give yourself grace along the way!

Now, before you stand up and walk away from your screen, I want you to stop. I want you to think about what you will do to change your mindset and/or actions to positively change your course.

Reading this is no good if you aren’t willing to take action!


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