Now Accepting Applications Founding U.K. Dream Team Coaches??  How did this happen?  How did I go from being a Mom from Mars, PA who was struggling to find herself after having 2 kids to speaking and growing an International Team??  Let me tell you…. here is my story!

It is hard to believe that it has been 6 years since I was introduced to Beachbody products by my Coach.  It is hard to believe that I have maintained my fitness results and have stayed consistent with clean eating for 6 years too!  I remember very vividly sitting on the edge of my bed going through my spring/summer wardrobe and being completely devastated that I could not fit into one single piece of clothing.  I was carrying around a good 35 lbs of post baby weight that I couldn’t shake no matter what I did.  I was walking in the neighborhood with my friends, I was making healthier choices with food (at least I thought I was), I was trying to be more active but it just wasn’t enough.  I swear it was divine intervention because I was never a big fan of social media.  I used Facebook to just scroll and see what my friends were up too and share my highlight reel of my life.  My wedding, our new puppy, the birth of the boys and that was it.  I wasn’t your typical daily status update kind of girl.  Randomly I posted on Facebook that I was eating celery and trying to lose weight.  Then, my NOW Coach reached out to me and invited me to join her challenge group.  I hadn’t talked to Nikki in years and before I responded I totally creeped on her Facebook Page.  She had an amazing transformation with P90X and she had 2 kids about the same age and her body was a lot like mine.  I figured if she could have success then so could I.  I started my transformation journey with Insanity, clean eating and the support of my coach.  This is the point where my life would forever be changed.  It was one single decision to give an at home fitness program a try, when I already didn’t believe in them that would ultimately lead to the biggest opportunity of our lives to date.

At first, I swear my family thought I had lost my marbles.  They couldn’t figure out why I was working so hard to make the changes.  What had gotten in to me? Why was I all of a sudden so dedicated? They waited patiently for me to give up and go back to my old ways.  After 30 days they started to get annoyed, after 60 days some of my family stopped inviting me over for dinner, and after 120 days I was a completely different person.  I had lost 35 lbs and I had more confidence than I did on my wedding day.  Since, May 2011 when I started my journey I have basically completed every single fitness program that Beachbody has ever released from P90X, Insanity, P90X2, Turbofire, Chalean Extreme, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Insanity Max 30, Core De Force, Piyo, Shift Shop, Body Beast, Hammer and Chisel and more!  I am hooked on the positive vibes that this community creates and the fact that I can live a healthy and balanced life of freedom.  No dieting, no crash diets, just whole clean healthy foods!  Yes, I drink Shakeology daily too!  It’s my daily multivitamin, my quick easy no-brainer meal or snack and it seriously keeps me healthy from all the CRAPOLA my kiddos bring home from school.

You can see my transformation below!  Team Beachbody WORKS!  Hands down if you follow the nutrition plan, the workout schedule and you are consistent then you can achieve the same results that I have! The picture on the left was 2010 and the pic on the right is 2017.  You can see alone that confidence exudes from my face and body language on the right where on the left my shoulders are rounded, I am happy but lacking confidence!!  Beachbody truly has changed my life and the REASON THAT I BECAME A COACH WAS BECAUSE I WANTED JUST 1 PERSON to FEEL THE SAME WAY THAT I DID!!!!  I wanted to PAY IT FORWARD!!!

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What Is Team Beachbody Coaching?

When I became A Coach in July of 2011 I signed up online without getting the Ok from my husband.  I knew with my whole heart that this was exactly what I was supposed to do. I have my Masters Degree in Special Education and my Undergraduate Degree in Psychology.  I quit my full time job to be a stay at home mom to our two boys Landon and Bryce. I signed as a coach with less than 200 friends on Facebook, No Instagram, Blog, or Youtube.  I set out on my journey to inspire others to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

As a Beachbody Coach our #1 job is to match others up with the right Beachbody Fitness program for their needs, get them started on the nutrition plan and hold each person accountable to starting and finishing the program to help them get the results that they want.  I run online accountability groups where I have created guides based on my own experience to help my customers with emotional eating, late night snacking, cravings, traveling, meal planning and prep and more!  My first big goal with Beachbody was to help transform the lives of 50 people with Beachbody Workouts and Clean Eating.  A Beachbody Coaches income is a direct reflection of the lives that they change.  Our work matters and what we do truly does impact their physical, emotional and well being.

The Journey To The Top!

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So I said before that I had no background in network marketing and I was clueless how to start a business.  What I was willing to do was LEARN!  I spent a TON of time watching videos, learning, practicing, refining and trying again until I figured the business out.  I refused to quit even when I had some rough moments.  I just knew that somehow, someway I was going to make this business work. The more that I saw others success, the more that I was inspired to keep pushing forward.  I mastered the art of running effective challenge groups and saw the opportunity to increase my income in growing my own team of coaches.  The Dream Team was born and I started to really pursue my leadership development.  I understood that in order to have a substantial income I had to find like minded individuals to join me.  It wasn’t hard to shout from the rooftops what coaching had done for my life.  I was living it day in and day out.  While I wasn’t at the TOP YET… I had my eyes in that direction at all times.  In 2012 I attended my first Coach Summit In Las Vegas and was inspired by the coaches on stage!  If they can do it, so can I.  In 2012 I became an Elite Coach in the first full year of my business.  In 2013 I ended the year as a 2x Elite and Elite 10 Coach.  I was ranked #2 in the entire company and I achieved Super Star Diamond Rank.  I also had a team of Elite Coaches by my side that were duplicating the systems we had put in place.

In 2014 I became the Top Coach of Team Beachbody a Super Star Diamond II Coach and I was asked to serve on the Coach Advisory Board.  I spoke at Summit, Leadership, & the New Leader Conference for Team Beachbody that year.

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In 2015 I became the very first Female 2X Top coach of Team Beachbody,  A Super Star Diamond III Coach, I continued to serve on the Coach Advisory Board, and now my team of Elite and Premiere Coaches was an an All Time High!  I had an Elite 10 Coach on my team with me and multiple 10 Star+ coaches that I was leading with.  Our team was on fire, the vibes were united and we were growing.

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In 2016 I became the very first 3X Top Coach of Team Beachbody and I received the CEO award at coach summit in July of this year.  I am humbled and honored to be the leader of the Top Team, The Dream Team.  There is no “I” in team and this is not a one woman show. The coaches of our organization are strong, they are passionate, they lead with their hearts and I have the utmost respect for all that they do!  We are a team that lifts each other up and empowers one another to be the very best versions of themselves that they can be.

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More importantly than all the accolades is this…. we are really people.  We live normal lives, we are busy women with a passion for helping people reach their fullest potential.

What Is Our Mission?

The Dream Team United is committed to helping you reach your health, fitness and business goals.  As a leadership team our focus is uniting together and using our strengths to help our new and existing coaches have a smart start to their businesses.  We are committed to the team approach and no matter how much we grow, we want to remain a united front.

What Does It Mean To Be a Dream Team Coach?  

Team Beachbody Is Opening For Business In The U.K.

Now Accepting Applications For My Founding U.K. Dream Team!

We have had incredible success launching our business here in the United States, then in Canada and next we are opening our doors for coaches to join from the United Kingdom October 19th, 2017.  As a successful, consistent leader I am committed to bringing in a small group of MOTIVATED, SELF STARTING LEADERS who are READY to take this business ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP.  I am looking for my DREAM TEAM of the United Kingdom and I truly believe that we have the tools, the support, the systems to help you reach every single goal that you can possibly dream up for you yourself.  Our track record proves it.  We are consistent, we show up, we practice what we preach and we are 100% committed to supporting you!  We have already started our Pre-Launch Dream Team United Training with our committed future coaches.  We are hosting 1:1 calls, strategy sessions, teaching the compensation plan, business structure, supporting customers and running effective challenge groups plus using social media to grow your brand and presence.

You will have access to all of our resources, documents, trainings and guides so that you do not have to re-invent the wheel.  When you commit to signing up on the Dream Team you are getting the best of the best!  You get our entire leadership team sharing their  nuggets of wisdom with you!

I am personally headed over to London for the official Team Beachbody Launch on October 19th.  I will be there to enroll my newest founding TOP COACHES, to kick off our launch with a team event on the 20th of October and to celebrate the launch of Team Beachbody at the official Corporate event on Saturday October 21st.  I am committed to meeting with my team, to helping them create a solid strategy for success that is business smart.  I have successfully built a multimillion dollar business and I am fully committed to helping you do the same.

If you are ready to be mentored by the top coach and join our Dream Team United Family then now is the time!


When you become an official Dream Team Coach on October 19th, 2017 you will be enrolled in our New Coach Training University.  This is an exclusive Dream Team United Training only open to Coaches on the Dream Team United.  You will be mentored through your first 30 days to:

-Launch Your business

-Use social media to share and not sell

-To effectively start your first challenge group and co-run with your sponsor coach

-To support your customers and coaches to getting started right

-To handle objections

-To reach your income goals, achieve success club, success starters, and advance in rank during your first 30 days.

-You will have access to all of our resources, documents, guides and scripts.

-You will have weekly small group calls & 1:1 mentoring as needed

{Apply Below To Be Considered For a Spot In The New Coach University} 

Now Accepting Applications Founding U.K. Dream Team Coaches

Complete the application below and I will contact you in the next 24 hours to see if you would be a good fit for my team.

Join The Top Team In Team Beachbody

I am currently accepting applicants who want to learn and GROW a successful Beachbody business. Please fill out this form and I will contact you in the next 24 hours.