Lets talk about this 30 day elimination plan that I am doing for a moment.  Maybe you follow me on Facebook or Instagram and you have heard me start to speak of something new that I have committed to.  Let me start out by saying I’m not doing some crazy diet or eliminating food groups from my plan.  Before I dive into the actual “elimination plan” let me set the stage by saying a few things to set the tone.

Have you ever felt completely out of control?

At one point did you rock your physical transformation, had an amazing handle on your nutrition and then slowly over time you started to swing the pendulum back towards the other way??  Then one day you wake up and you are like, “WHAT THE HECK DID I DO TO MYSELF???”  The pounds creep back on but in your mind you are telling yourself that it isn’t that bad.  You are still working out every day, you are still drinking your superfood shake and eating healthy but there are definitely just as many treats as there are healthy foods in there.  As women and also as we age it becomes easier and easier to blame our hormones, our busy schedule, and the fact that our bodies don’t respond the same way that they used to.  I totally get it!  I’m 6 years older now and my body definitely has shifted and changed quite a bit.  There are instances where hormones do play a role in results but truthfully when I really started digging down into my issues it was actually mostly ME!!!

Here is what has happened:

Since the end of July when I finished the Shift Shop Test Group and our big Beachbody Summit event was over I felt myself starting to slide.  I was treating myself to a few more cocktails, chips, guacamole and oh my gosh SUGAR COOKIES!  I can’t resist a good sugar cookie!  It was becoming more and more of a daily occurrence versus a special treat.  I started to notice that my skin was breaking out quite a bit.  There were these tiny little pimples all around my hairline and I had never had them before.  I was irritable and cranky and always tired.  It seemed like no matter what I did I just couldn’t get my act together. Deep down I knew that I was actually the problem.  WHY???  Because last year about this time I was finishing up the WHOLE 30 program.  I got amazing results, I had the most natural energy EVER and I had eliminated out of my diet, grains, sugar, alcohol and dairy!  For 30 days I followed the plan to the T and in that process I realized that my body does not like dairy and grains for sure!!!  Dairy makes my skin break out and grains make me bloated and really tired.  I loved the way I felt and I even stuck to it for quite some time.  When I did the Shift Shop test group I was spot on and again got amazing results.  I was feeling great and full of energy.  But the stress of life and work started to get the best of me and slid back into my old ways.  GAHHH why do we women do that to ourselves?!  It makes no sense!  We know how good our bodies feel when we eat healthy so why don’t we do it???  But on the other side its like, I really love cookies and cocktails! They make me happy!  But I like feeling good too!  It’s this never ending battle that society can’t seem to win!

So now here I am mid October knowing I need to do something because this is a slippery slope!  I also decided that I was going to include some of my closest friends and team mates in this experiment!  What if for 30 days WE do our OWN plan and get back on track.  We created the ELIMINATION PLAN!!!  A way to take back our life, to get re committed to what got us the results in the first place and bust those myths that it was hormones, age or that the plans didn’t really work!

What is the Elimination Plan?

For the next 30 days we are committed to:

  1.  Journaling every day how our food makes us feel, our energy level, and our workouts.
  2. Practicing self care and actually making sure we are getting enough sleep at night.
  3. Following 1 week of A Little Obsessed and then the 21 Day Fix Extreme to the T.  Not just going through the motions but full out meal planning, prepping and crushing workouts.
  4. Replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology
  5. Checking into the support group we created
  6. Showing up to the Sunday night calls with our guest speakers we have lined up on various topics such as nutrition, intermittent fasting, mindset, long term lifestyle change tips and more.
  7. Starting and finishing the month and submitting our results!


I am just 3 days into my plan and so far 3 days with no treats or cheats and here is how it is going!

#1 ROUGH!!!!  If I can be honest.  I have almost flu like symptoms today.  I know 100% even from my research that this is normal and that I should trust the process!  I know this is my body detoxing from processed garbage I was eating.  I went to bed last night at 10:30 pm and woke up at 6:00 am and then took a 3 hour nap today!  But, I guarantee next week at this time I will be singing a different tune!

#2 SORE!!  I am doing Autumn Calabrese’s 1 week sneak peek into 80 day obsession called A Little Obsessed and holy guacamole am I sore!!  Legit I was in the 80 day test group and still I am so sore!  I’m telling you, this program is going to blow your mind!  Those bands may look little but they are fierce.

80 Day Obsession, Melanie Mitro, Top coach, Workout, AT Home, BOD, Shakeology, Accountability

#3 SUPPORTED!!  I can not even put into words how much I am loving my support group.  Over 100 women in this group who are literally sharing their food, recipes, daily accountability, tips and motivation.  They are asking questions, they are posting every day and we are lifting each other up in so many amazing ways!  I seriously look forward to logging onto the computer every morning to see what they are posting and sharing.  One of the girls had the worst day ever and we totally talked her out of drinking wine at 11:00 am!  Another girl had a friend buy her a seriously sugary starbucks drink and she dumped it down the drain!!  That is ACCOUNTABILITY at it’s finest!  You cannot replace that!  When you have friends supporting you that are that strong we can do ANYTHING!

We have even been doing live zoom workouts together so we have that extra accountability to push even though we are working out at home.

Live Workout Buddy, Zoom Workout, A little Obsessed, 80 Day Obsession

So here we go!  It’s game on! 30 days of elimination- no dairy, no grains, no alcohol and sugar!  Following my 21 day fix extreme calendar to the T.  It is nothing fancy or over the top but its back to the basics because I want to feel my best and stay my best!

Here is also a sample of what my meal plan looks like!  I am not trying to lose weight so I am following the 21 Day Fix Extreme Plan B for maintenance and I am loving it!

Elimination Meal Plan, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Plan B, Melanie Mitro, committed to getting fit

I would be happy at the end of this 30 days if….

  1.  I could get rid of the breakouts on my face.
  2. I regained my positive daily mood.
  3. I could kick my sugar cravings
  4. I identified a healthy balance for myself where I don’t keep going from one side to the other.  Steady state nutrition and fitness.

Don’t get me wrong!  I pretty much am a clean eater all the time.  I just definitely let life get the best of me over the past 2 months!  Back on track we go!  I would love to hear from you.  Do you relate to this?  Do you currently struggle with this??

If you have any kind of food struggles I also suggest this book, The Goddess Revolution, By Mel Wells.



Follow my journey as I crush this next 30 days!

If you would like to be a part of my next accountability group let me know and I will send you the details.