One thing I have really become fond of over the past few years is helping other people in their businesses.  I get great satisfaction out of mentoring, supporting, guiding and training individuals to achieve their goals.  I have been speaking for Team Beachbody at their annual Coach Summits, Leadership Events, and Conferences for many years.  I have been going live on my Facebook business page every Tuesday to give a business tip Tuesday of the week.  I have also started a podcast Women Inspiring Women in 2017 to give weekly business updates and tips.  I truly enjoy seeing other individuals have lightbulb moments that have pushed them out of their comfort zone and helped them to achieve their goals.

I know that not everyone has a supportive business environment and while I can’t personally mentor every single person that asks, this is my way of giving back, sharing my knowledge and supporting others in the journey.

I am truly thankful for the God given talents that I can share with others.

I have been throwing around an idea for a while now to create an online training course.  I find that the biggest obstacle starts at the basic level and that is setting goals that are realistic and then creating action items to be able to achieve them.  So I am doing a 1 hour training webinar today at 12:00 noon EST.  Then, I am opening up enrollment to a 5 day online course where I am going to break down into even smaller pieces these concepts of how to:

-Define your vision for your business.
-Create realistic and achievable goals.
-Break it down into tactical daily/weekly tasks.
-Create your own accountability system.
-Guide you to take action & get results.
If this sounds like something that you would like to take advantage of- then you can register for the course below.
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In this course I am going to be sending out a daily email with a video and assignment.  There will be downloadable materials to accompany the daily lesson.  Plus an online support community to help you rock your business and get feedback daily from me.

I am very excited to launch this training course and help you to get started in accomplishing your goals for 2018.

I hope to see you as a part of the training course starting on the 18th!


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