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I am so excited to start 80 Day Obsession on Monday with my challengers and coaches.  This program is going to be absolutely epic. If you are someone that works out regularly and you are ready for a new challenge this is going to be right up your alley.  It will challenge you, it will challenge your clean eating and give you the concept of timed nutrition to really up your results.

I have been working with my customers and team over the past few weeks to get ourselves prepped and ready to go for day 1.

We have been doing weekly meal planning and prep calls and we plan to continue to do weekly prep calls every week for the duration of the program.

The program is actually 97 days long total.  There are 80 workouts and the workouts run Monday through Saturday and Sunday is your rest day.  So that means 80 workouts and then 17 rest days!!!  So if you are a planner like me, then you can figure out when the plan ends.

The nutrition plan is super specific to your body type and the results you would like to get.  Autumn Calabrese who is the creator of the program breaks it down into very specific containers that you consume at each meal and also at a specific time, hence “timed nutrition”.

80 Day Obsession is not for someone that is considered a beginner or someone that is pregnant.  80 Day Obsession is for those that have a base level of fitness and understanding of the portion fix container system.   If you have never done a program before I would suggest joining a challenge group of mine and committing to a fitness program like the 21 Day Fix, Fix Extreme or others to get your baseline level in check.  Then you can graduate into the next 80 day obsession group that I will be running.

You will need the resistance loops, sliders, a mat, and weights for this program.  To participate in my support and accountability groups you will also need to have me as your coach and place your order through me so that I can add you to the accountability group!  If you currently are interested in this program fill out the application at the bottom and I will get back to you with details ASAP.

The next 80 Day Obsession Group is now open for enrollment and will start the prep week on the 29th and day 1 of workouts on Monday February 5th.

Hurry and fill out the application before all the spots are gone.


Let’s Talk About The Meal Plan

The 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan is specific and a tad complex. But if you have patience you can figure it out and like anything new, it will take time but it will become a habit and routine if you stick with it.

Here is a sample of my plan which is plan A because of my weight and goals.  Each person will calculate their bracket based on current weight and desire to lose weight or maintain their weight and tone up.

Then you will simply download your meal plan and create a plan similar to the one you see below.  I highly highly recommend the Beachbody performance line because you are going to be challenging your body and fueling up with the supplements will reduce muscle soreness and decrease your recovery time.

I hope that this meal plan gives you some guidance!

2 greens, 1 yellow, 2 reds in this picture
2 reds, 1 yellow and 1 green in this picture
1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow in this picture
1 green, 2 reds, 1 yellow in this picture

Here is a sample of a day of my plan.  Basically I will eat the same each day but vary the dinners and the snacks.  But this is the containers I will be eating!

I hope this helps you out.

Meal Plan A, 80 Day Obsession, Meal Plan, Melanie Mitro, Top coach, Challenge Group, support, Accountability


Here is a non pretty version of the spreadsheet I created with my husband’s plan and mine together.  This is what we printed off and put on our fridge for the week.  It was snowing like crazy last night so Matt and I sat down together and created our plan!  We plan to get up at 5:15 am and have our first meal.  Matt is going to go stretch while I read my daily devotional and we will workout at 6:00 am together.  The kids get up at 7:00 am and we can get them ready for school while we have our recover and then our first meal will be after everyone is out of the house.

Of course I know this will be a work in progress, but we are excited to see how it goes!!!!

80 day obsession meal plan, melanie mitro, matt mitro, top coach, 80 day obsession meal plan

80 day obsession meal plan, melanie mitro, top coach, plan A



If you are interested in joining our next 80 Day Obsession group complete the application below.