This morning I was listening to a podcast.  Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations and Maya Angelou was the guest today.  Oprah was asking her how she felt as she was receiving a particular award and she said Grateful and Blessed.  

The award was an incredible accomplishment given to her by the President of the United States.  As I am listening to Maya Angelou talk about these awards and her accomplishments I can hear the gratitude in her voice.  I can hear how she is just completely blessed by her life.  

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Her words just stopped me in my tracks and a flood of emotions started to run through my mind.  BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED!  


Then it hit me why this podcast was evoking so much emotion.  

I have had quite a bit of success in my current business venture that I am in.  I know that I have worked hard to accomplish the accolades that I have been given.  But I don’t feel as though I am any different than others.  People tell me that I am consistent, driven, and relentless.  Well, yes I do agree but isn’t that what you are supposed to do when you do a job?  I definitely do not realize that maybe just maybe  I am wired a little differently.  I really don’t understand why people give up so quickly and don’t believe in the process long enough to trust that the outcome will be achieved.  I guess I am actually quite different then, huh???  I just do not see it that way.


But, over the past years I have had people ask me how I’ve done it.  How I hit certain ranks, accolades and remain the top in the company for 4 consecutive years in a row.  An accomplishment that No ONE else in the company has done.  My answer is always the same.  I stay consistent, I continue to grow in leadership and business, I stay in the trenches with my team and lead from the front, and I never give up.  It gets hard and oh boy has it gotten hard but we do not quit.  Our team is evolving and growing and it is truly because of their hard work that we are where we are today.  I am absolutely eternally grateful for their hard work and kindness.  We would not be here without each and every team member.  Regardless of their rank, their monthly points or income each member brings light and heart to the team.  Each member of the team is absolutely important.  But there must be more people say to me.  You must be doing something that you are not telling us.  What is the secret they ask!?

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I don’t have any secrets and I promise you that.  You can see on my social media, through Facebook, my blog and Instagram.  I share it all.  I do not hold back and I promise you that I do work very hard and lead from the front.  I care deeply about my team and I care deeply about their success.  I care so much that I am willing to make sacrifices in my own time to create content, to speak individually with those that ask and show up when I say that I will because I know that the greatest joy is seeing others reach the goals they have set for themselves.


So as I sit here this morning journaling my thoughts I keep thinking about this.  When someone asks me about how it feels to be the 4 time top coach what will my answer be?  How will I respond?  I don’t want to roll my eyes and say “here we go again.”  Or “I guess we are really doing this.”  (which is unfortunately what I have been saying).  Instead I am going to say, “I am grateful”.  I am 100% completely grateful.  Why?  Because being the top coach isn’t about an accolade or standing on stage, more followers, more engagement on social media. Being top coach means that I have had the opportunity to lay my hands on more people’s lives in a positive way.  That I can speak truth and encouragement into their lives whether it be fitness or business and help them see their fullest potential.  I am GRATEFUL for the opportunity to have influence in this part of my life and give all the glory to God for placing this gift in my heart for his good.  I do not take this position lightly and I understand the influence that it brings.

grateful, blessings, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Team

I also hope that others see the accomplishments as an opportunity to imagine themselves doing the things that they dream of in life as POSSIBLE.  I hope that by me showing you that normal, average, women, moms, wives, can do extraordinary work in their lives that truly does matter.  I hope that by me being open, honest and candid about what success has taken for me that it will shed perspective for other women out there struggling to get their businesses off the ground.  Seek comfort in knowing that we are not all perfect but we are doing the best that we can and that is TRULY ENOUGH!!!!!  


One last thing- I think another reason why I have been downplaying my success is that I actually feel guilty sometimes for it.  You know what.  I downplay every accomplishment.  I’m afraid to share too much of it and I’m afraid to talk about the things that we do with our accomplishments.  My friend actually pointed this out to me last weekend. So here is the story, Matt upgraded us to first class for our trip to Riviera Maya in April for the Rewards trip for our company.  As he was telling our friends about how he upgraded us, I was instantly getting hot all over my entire body and I could feel myself getting red with embarrassment.  Like who do I think I am that I am better than everyone else to sit in first class.  But when we booked the tickets I was so excited because you get extra leg room, you get some cocktails (yes I like cocktails)  and you are the first to get on and off the plane.  Like- I love that perk and I don’t like sitting in the back.  It also does make me anxious to not sit in the front in case I have to get out quickly (it’s a total control/anxiety thing).  Instead of owning it and saying yes I bought first class tickets and I am excited about it- I started to explain  myself and actually validate my decision.  My friend simply said to me, GIRL you don’t need to validate anything.  If you want the tickets you go for it.  If you want the purse you buy it.  You don’t owe anyone an explanation.  It is not like you are over there flaunting, look at me I am better than you!  You do you!  It stopped me in my tracks LITERALLY!  I started thinking about the way I accept compliments. I downplay them, I over explain and I don’t say thank you with a grateful heart.  

I am learning to change those words and I am learning to be ok with the success and not feel guilty for it.  Because in this moment I have success but who is to say that my next season of life won’t be met with failure after failure.  So I am going to live in the moment, be grateful for the blessing and use them to help others achieve their dreams too!


Each day I will wake up and be grateful for this platform, voice and gift.  Each day I will express gratitude for this life and not apologize for it.  Each day I will know that I am giving to others and sharing my knowledge to encourage others to reach their goals as well.  I will use this life for his purpose and not for my own.

blessed, melanie mitro, top coach, dream team

So thank you for reading this post today, for following my journey, for being a supporter and for being here on this journey with me.  I am eternally grateful for this life, this mission, this calling and for what the future has to hold.