I cannot believe its been a full 80 days already since we committed to doing the 80 Day Obsession fitness and nutrition program.  We started in January of 2018 and decided to go all in!  I had decided in December that I was going to do the program to the T and Matt was kind of on the fence about it.  He toyed around with the idea of doing the workouts but not the nutrition or kind of loosely following the plan.

After New Years I sat down on a snowy Friday night to make our meal plan {timed nutrition} for the first week!  Matt decided he was going to go all in and do it with me!  We each figured out our bracket and our nutrition plan, hit up the grocery store and pressed play on day 1 of our workouts that Monday!!!

I can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly sore we were the first week!  We both went through a wicked detox from sugar, processed foods and post holiday bloat.  We were sore from the new moves but we were really loving the workouts.  I would say the whole first month was trial and error to get our timing right, to figure out what foods kept us full the longest and what was the right combination!

Day 1, 80 Day Obsession, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Plan A
This was Day  1 of 80 Day Obsession and we were ready to crush it!

We focused not just on KILLING ourselves in the workouts but really taking care of our bodies.  We practiced self care with foam rolling, epsom salt baths and making sure we strived for 7 -8 hours a sleep a night.  {It really does make a big difference}

At the end of the first month we were already seeing big changes!  Phase 2 challenged us again, strengthened us and we could see some shifts happening in our energy level, in your core strength, in our weights and brain function!

Then… we went on vacation to Turks and Caico’s with our family.  Both Matt and I took our workouts to the gym every morning and crushed our timed nutrition workout block.  We were a little more relaxed on the nutrition while we were away but we did WAY better than if we were not being accountable.  We came home from that trip not feeling GROSS because we really were balanced in our food choices that week.  I was home for a week and then headed off to NYC for a girls weekend, which again was full of balance and of course a hotel gym workout for Cardio Flow!

Phase 3 brought more traveling, more challenges but ultimately more BALANCE!  For a lot of people having holidays, traveling for work and vacations can be a reason to quit, to not start or make excuses.  But for me- it was all the more reason to lean in.  To not stress over every single detail, but to literally do my best and forget the rest.

I am proud of the results that Matt and I got with this program and we are already planning on starting round 2 on the 30th of April.

The booty gains I saw were CRAZY!!!  I went from a pancake booty to actually having a booty and I love it!!!  I have seen a lot of definition and I’m not just skinny but I’m fit on the outside and on the inside too!

Here are our results!!!  

Want to see some more incredible transformations?

Check out the amazing clients and coaches that are a part of our accountability and support groups and their results!!! Seriously this is 80 days!!  You could start your journey now! If you don’t have a coach or you want support hit up  my application at the bottom to join the April 30th 80 Day Obsession Group with me!  Let me teach you everything that I did to get and help my clients get their results!  We not only focus on fitness and nutrition but we focus on the mindset that it takes to make a total life transformation that you can continue on for the rest of your life with!!!

Want to join in on the next round?

As a coach I offer my clients support in getting started with the program, troubleshooting and completing it to get the results that you want.  As my client you can join in my online accountability groups to get 24/7 access to me every step of your journey.

​In the accountability group I am going to help you navigate goal setting, the nutrition plan, recipes, tips, give you support in handling cravings, late night snacking and emotional eating.  I will be there to guide you and keep you on track along with the other women in the group!  ​

My next 80 Day Obsession group starts on April 30th! You can apply to join below.

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