You guys!!!  I am soooo stinking excited that we have a new Beachbody workout and a brand new Super Trainer on board!  Amoila Cesar has been training pro athletes and celebrities with his advanced level training program for years.  He is now bringing his training program to all of us here at Beachbody.  This program is NOT for just anyone.  6 Weeks of THE WORK is for those who have a really solid fitness ability and want to really elevate their training and results.  The program focuses on hypertrophy, endurance, power, agility and mobility.  He kicks your butt, gets in your face and challenges you to step out of your comfort zone.  THIS IS MY STYLE!!!

Last week I had the opportunity to preview a sample workout and it was INTENSE!

You can check out my video of the workout below!  Plus you can also give the workout a try if you would like to as well!!!


Both Matt and I cannot wait to get our hands on the program.  We can purchase it starting on the 30th of September and we plan to begin our first workout on October 7th.  That gives us a week to get our meal plan together, get our equipment set up and we will just be getting back from my leadership retreat so we will definitely be craving some killer sweat sessions after being out of town and out of our routine.

How Can You Get Your Hands On This Program?

You can actually purchase the program through me as a coach.  As your coach I can help you troubleshoot the nutrition plan, the workouts, I can hold you accountable through my virtual fitness community and you can plug into an amazing support system where our goal is to help you start and finish the fitness program to get the results that you are after!

I will be kicking off my October support group this month and you can choose THE WORK as your program of choice!

If you are interested in learning more about THE WORK or you want to try a sample workout first you can click here to get a free sample workout!


I also have lots of information on the program, on Amoila plus the meal plan and the set up of the workouts!

You can complete the application here if you would like to work with me and have me as your virtual coach to start and finish this 6 week program.


How Much Does The Program Cost?

There are a few program package options.  I’m excited to share that I do have a coupon code for an additional $20 off a challenge pack or $10 off a completion pack when you purchase through ME as your coach!  

To redeem your coupon code complete the application above to get the details and the link to order.

If you currently have Beachbody On Demand then you would choose what is called a COMPLETION PACK, that comes with the access to THE WORK workouts, nutrition guide, program manual, pre workout energize and post workout recover (which you will need and want) + $10 off with my coupon code.

The Work Completion Pack

6 Weeks of THE WORK Performance Completion Pack

You also have the option to get 6 WEEKS OF THE WORK Shakeology Completion Pack that has a month of Shakeology vs the Performance Line.

The work completion pack, shakeology, Amoila Cesar, Melanie Mitro

THE WORK Shakeology Completion Pack

Here is a great visual of the completion pack (if you already have Beachbody On Demand) options!

Price, THE WORK, Amoila Cesar, Cost, Packages

If you DO NOT HAVE BEACHBODY ON DEMAND you would choose one of the options below!

Beachbody  On Demand is our digital streaming platform where you have access to every single fitness program that has ever been released + your VIP early access to 6 Weeks of THE WORK.  You will have access to the nutrition guides, program manuals, schedule of workouts, plus all the additional items listed below.  I highly encourage you to choose the performance line + Shakeology because supplementation with a workout of this intensity is going to help you recover faster, get you better results and keep you at optimal peak performance.

The work, challenge pack, Amoila Cesar, Cost, Price

6 Weeks Of The Work Completion Pack

6 Weeks Of THE WORK Shakeology On Demand Challenge Pack




Here is a great visual of the package options side by side so you can see the different levels and what each one comes with!

The work, challenge pack, Amoila Cesar, Cost, Price

If you are trying to keep it super basic and you really don’t want any bells and whistles you can totally do the program on your own and purchase the DIGITAL ONLY ACCESS: DIGITAL STREAMING ONLY


Want A FREE GIFT? Beachbody Has A Few More OPTIONS FOR YOU!!!!

If you would like a free gift with purchase you can get one of these bundles with super savings and an additional $10 or $20 off!

Annual Beachbody On Demand & Shakeology & Performance Mega Challenge Pack (includes 6 Weeks of THE WORK free gift with purchase)

Annual Beachbody On Demand & Shakeology & Performance Deluxe Challenge Pack (includes 6 Weeks of THE WORK free gift with purchase

Shakeology & Performance Deluxe Completion Pack (includes 6 Weeks of THE WORK free gift with purchase

Shakeology & Performance Mega Completion Pack (includes 6 Weeks of THE WORK free gift with purchase)

How To Order?!

You have a few options.  You can complete the form below and I can walk you through the best options.  You can click the links below to choose your kit, or you can email me at with your questions and I will be more than happy to help guide you through this process.

The program is officially available for purchase on September 30th!!!


Should I Join Your Challenge Group?



6 Weeks of THE WORK: Importance of Joining a Challenge Group from TeamBeachbody on Vimeo.

That is totally up to you but personally I am more motivated, feel more connected and I love knowing that I can workout on my own time but I have this whole virtual online community that is lifting me up and cheering me on to reaching my goals.

I love what I do as a coach and personally this is how I got my own results, was through being a part of a challenge group.  This is also a huge driving force for me personally to continue to support clients and team members on their fitness journey too!


So, if you want to work directly with me here are the requirements!!!


(1.) I must be your assigned coach!

(2.) You must commit to a program package that includes Shakeology or the performance line.

(3.) You must commit to participating in the virtual group with your daily accountability check in.

(4.) You must commit to starting and finishing the program and striving to reach the goals you have set for yourself.


Let’s face it… it is September and we are down to the last 90 days of the YEAR!

We can make a lot of progress in this time and together we can transform our lives and go into 2020 in the BEST shape of our lives together!

Are you with me?

Let’s get started!!!

Fill out the application below for all the details.