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Un-Stuffed Cabbage

A few of my challengers in my groups have shared this recipe and are totally raving about it.  I will for sure be adding this to next weeks meal plan!!!  It looks amazing and we love stuffed cabbage in our family.  It is something both my husband and I grew up on.  So having a healthy alternative to one of our favorite comfort foods is nothing short of COMFORTING!!!!

Try it out and let me know what you and your family think!!!

21 Day Fix Flank Steak Dinner

Recipe time!!!  I am such a meat and potatoes person that just about every meal that I make has these three components.  There is always a lean protein source, a vegetable and then a starchy carb.  The difference between when I was a child to now is that the protein source is lean, is basic, not covered in gravy, sauces or breading and the starch is not a white starch, with butter and cream.  The vegetable is seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, pepper and garlic vs butter!  Lastly the difference is that its portion controlled. It is not just a free for all at the dinner table but a conscious decision to fuel your body for energy and not just comfort.

What resulted in this process is that my food actually does taste more flavorful, I don’t feel weighed down or sluggish and I am not over stuffed but satisfied!  So know this, a meat and potatoes girl like myself can change her ways, then so can you!!!

This is what I like to call a MANS dinner!  I cooked this meal for my Dad and boys on Sunday while they were putting together Bryce’s big boy bed and hanging our TV in the basement/workout room/office.

There was not a peep from the dinner table and not a morsel left on anyone’s plate!  So I figured this would be a great easy recipe to share with you!

21 Day Fix Blueberry Oatmeal Cups

Lets face it, we all get bored of eating the same foods and sometimes we just want to spice it up!  Although when it comes to the 21 day fix, its sometimes hard to figure out how recipes break down with the fix containers!

I want to share with you an awesome recipe that I found that is helping our family spice things up when we get bored of oatmeal every day. These baked oatmeal cups with berries and bananas are really really good and super easy to make.

Plus if you are on the go, why not make these and take them with you!

Always go with Steel cut oats bc they are the least processed and provide you with the most nutritional value vs rolled or instant.

21 Day Fix Extreme Recipe: Chicken Fajitas

We are also experimenting with the recipes on the Fix Extreme and so far there has not been 1 recipe that we haven’t loved!  We made the chicken Fajitas on Sunday  night and we actually made extra so we would have lunch for Monday.  Not only was it really delicious, it made great leftovers too!  This is something you could make in bulk and portion out for the entire week and have lunches for a few days.  If you have non clean eaters in your family you can still do the chicken fajitas but just give everyone else shells to use instead of lettuce!

So please put this in rotation, it’s quite awesome!  Make sure to let me know what you think!

This recipe makes 4 servings and 2 fajitas each.

21 Day Fix Extreme Beef Stew

I think that I could honestly eat this every single day!  It’s by far one of my favorite recipes!!!  It’s straight from the 21 Day Fix Extreme booklet.  Both my husband and I absolutely love this!

It is a green container and a red container and it feels like a hearty filling meal.

It makes 6 servings, approximately 1 1/4 cups each.


Turkey Lettuce Wraps

We just finished up an amazing family dinner!  Seriously everything we have tried from the nutrition guide has been delicious so far!  Instead of lettuce wraps for the kids I used whole grain taco shells, gave them low fat cheese and greek yogurt for on their tacos.

Pork Carnitas

I might have found one of the most amazing concoctions ever!!  We have been eating clean for 3 years now and there are a few recipes that my husband will openly recommend to others when we discuss clean eating.  This pork carnitas recipe takes the cake for husband recommendations.  It also makes killer left overs.  So if you are like me and you need to plan for the week, throw this in the crockpot for dinner and have lunch for the next few days as well.