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Clean Eating Coleslaw

Just in time for July 4th, this Clean Eating Coleslaw is a perfect dish to bring to a summer picnic or party! It’s way healthier than classic creamy coleslaws, and I promise it’s just as delicious!

Can you guess the secret ingredient??

From the Clean & Delicious Blog.

Ultimate Reset Quinoa Salad

This recipe is brought to you straight from the Ultimate Reset.  It is perfect for lunch or dinner.  I ate it for dinner and doubled the recipe for 2 lunches.  The Quinoa is a great source of protein.  It is high in protein, calcium, and iron, quinoa is a great alternative to rice.  It is found in the grocery store near the rice.

Sizzling Summer Bean Salsa Recipe

This Sizzling Bean Salsa Recipe is great appetizer that you can serve with chips or  scoop on your plate as a side dish!!

My weekend has been just crazy busy with birthday parties and graduation parties!  I wanted something to take to these parties that would be refreshing but could still maintain my clean eating.  I find that parties offer NO nutritional value at all! So instead of throwing up my hands and eating whatever is served and feeling like crap afterwards because my body doesn’t like the food, I bring my own!  I have learned to bring an appetizer I can eat or eat before I go!!

Thank you Jordan for introducing this to me!  I could eat the entire thing in one sitting!

Edamame, Tomato and Feta Salad with Fresh Basil

This edamame salad was bursting with flavor and it was gorgeous!!!

The Labor Day Weekend is in full force and that means picnics and parties for many of us!!  I am always looking for sneaky ways to show people what clean food tastes like!!!

One of my challengers forwarded me this recipe and I just couldn’t wait to try it!  I had plenty of fresh tomatoes and basil from my garden so I didn’t even have to buy them at the grocery store!!!


Roasted Root Medley

I am almost 4 weeks post Ultimate Reset and I still find myself craving the candy flavor of this roasted root medley.  It is packed full of antioxidants, Vitamin A, Fiber, and complex carbs.  All of which are very important to keeping your body running in tip top shape!

This is a great way to introduce those members of your family that are hesitant to try “Healthy” meals.  This side dish can replace sweet potato casseroles and mashed potatoes at your next family meal.  Promise it is easy and really good!

This recipe is only for 1 person so you need to double up!

Southwest Quinoa Salad

This past weekend was Super Saturday at my house which is our quarterly Beachbody meeting where we discuss the upcoming products and promotions and just network with other Beachbody Coaches.  I decided to host my team at my house this time!  Everyone brought a side dish to share and this one absolutely rocks!!!

I seriously couldn’t be more excited to share this with you.  If you have a 4th of July picnic or family get together this one is going to have people asking for the recipe!!!  Thank you Sara Stakeley for sharing it with me!!!!