Today is not just another day – it’s another step in the right direction in my personal goal to switch my entire family over to clean eating!  My husband was doing so well with packing his lunch and eating his snacks but somehow life got the best of us and he slowly started drifting his way back into his old habits with exercise going first and then his eating.

At one point we stopped and realized that all the hard work he did with Insanity just went down the tubes.  So instead of wallowing in the bad decisions that were made he just simply asked me to pack his lunch again and get him back on track.

In an effort to support him the best that I can I went searching for new recipes to spice up our lunch selections!  I found this amazing recipe for chicken salad that I transitioned into an eat clean version and made for my husband last night!  I prepared enough for the rest of the week so that it is quick and easy to grab and go!  It has a combination of good fats, protein and dairy all in one, enough to keep you full and energized through the day!


4 chicken breasts cooked and shredded

plain low fat greek yogurt

green onions sliced

Cilantro chopped thin

1 avocado mashed

salt and pepper

lime juice


There were no specific measurements with this recipe so I just added a little until I got the consistency and taste that I wanted.  I started by scooping out the avocado into a bowel and mashing with a fork, then I added a scoop of greek yogurt and stirred until it was a creamy consistency.   

Next, I added the chopped green onions, just enough to give it some flavor.  Then I chopped up a handful of cilantro and mixed that in.  I added a splash of lime juice and some salt and pepper.  I mixed that together well and gave it a taste test.  I ended up adding a little more salt and pepper and it was perfect.

I covered and put in the fridge and this morning I put a couple of scoops on a whole wheat tortilla with some lettuce and tomato for my husband and now he has a clean lunch!!!