OMG!!!  I just absolutely devoured my afternoon snack!  I was sitting here reading the Oxygen Magazine looking for some new clean recipes for my newest meal plan and I came across this divine sounding shake!  I had all the ingredients so I whipped it up!

Soooo after I sat down and started drinking it I took a look at the nutrition information and then just about fell off my chair!  I couldn’t believe how many calories, and then I read the carbs holy cow 50!  Then, the sugar 46!!!!!!  Seriously and this was in the Oxygen magazine!  So I read on and here is what it said!  To keep your stomach svelte with this fat torching power of protein, dairy and fiber.  Ok that’s not so bad RIGHT!!!

Basically mangoes are rich in fiber.  Research shows that eating 25 g of fiber per day can help reduce dangerous, deep abdominal fat.  So this is part of my daily intake of fiber along with the flaxseed I had in my oatmeal and the bean salad for lunch!  Perfect I am on the right track!  Next, low fat dairy is loaded with calcium, a natural fat burner.  Studies suggest the more calcium you have in your fat cells, the more fat those cells will burn.  This shake provides 200 milligrams of calcium, thats 20% of your daily needs.

Lastly, when protein is a by product of dairy.  An interesting study shows that protein and dairy work best together in fighting fat, especially belly fat!  DOUBLE BONUS!  So while I was beating myself up over the calories, sugar and carbs I am doing something amazing for my body.  I am improving intenstinal health plus I am giving my body the sweet treat it craves and its nutrient dense, will keep me fuller longer, without the guilt!  That’s my kinda treat!!!

If you are really really being strict with your diet then go for 1/2 mango, plain greek yogurt to cut back!!!


1 large mango or 1 cup of frozen mango chunks

1/2 cup low fat vanilla yogurt

1 scoop when protein powder

2 oz water

1 cup ice


Blend until smooth.

Nutrients per serving:  Calories:  332, Total Fats 4g, Carbs 50 g, Fiber 4g, Sugars 46g, Protein 27g.