So many people ask me, “What is a quick to go meal to stave off my hunger and possible binge eating?”  I love berry smoothies! So, why not make a Quick Protein-packed Berry Smoothie!  So, using a good quality protein powder (I use protein powder from Healthy Performance)  and a few ingredients you can create a powerful nutrient rich and protein packed smoothie to keep you satisfied and healthy.

I always fall back on this recipe when I’m either in a hurry or don’t know what to eat!



1 cup fresh or frozen mixed berries.  I use whatever is in my fridge.  When my fruit starts to go bad, I put it in ziplok baggies and freeze it!  I never waste my fruit.  If your bananas start to go bad, peel them, cut them in half and freeze!

1 cup unflavored rice milk, or almond milk/skim milk

2 TBSP flaxseed

1 scoop protein powder


Blend all ingredients and drink!