This is by far one of my favorite meals from the Reset.  I could eat it for lunch and dinner every day!  There is literally no prep at all and you can make it in bulk for the entire week.

Just portion it out in Tupperware put in the fridge and grab and go all week long!


1 cup cooked brown rice

1/2 cup canned pinto beans (with liquid)

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

1/8 tsp. cumin

1/4 tsp coriander

1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp. Bragg liquid aminos

Himalayan salt to taste


Heat beans gently in saucepan over medium high heat until simmering.  Drain and return to pan.   Add oil, spices, aminos, and salt.  Stir well.  Gently fold cooked rice into beans.  Serves 1.

During the reset this lunch was served with a microgreen salad.

1/4 cup shredded carrot
1/4 cup chopped cucumber
1/4 cup red bell pepper
1/4 cup sprouts like radish, alfalfa or broccoli
1/4 cup chopped tomato
1/4 cup chopped jicama
fresh herbs like basil, cilantro, parsley, dill
1/3 cup toasted seeds and nuts like cashews, pecans, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds (all unsalted).

Then top with your favorite home made dressing.  Try the creamy garlic it’s fantastic!!!