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An Inside Look at My Morning Routine

So many people have been sending me direct messages and emails asking about my morning routine!!! This includes everything from my gratitude journal to my devotional to my personal development and how I schedule time in my day. I figured the best way to explain… Read the whole article

Instagram Do’s and Don’ts

Are you struggling with Instagram trying to figure out what goes where? What’s the difference between your feed and your stories? What is appropriate to post? What should your feed look like? There’s a lot to figure out when it comes to IG! I did… Read the whole article

Ready to Feel Summer Strong?

So I think it’s safe to say that the DOG DAYS of SUMMER are upon us!!!  My summer has been full of BBQ’s, pool parties, traveling for business but also for vacation!!  We are a family that loves to be outside and on the go! … Read the whole article

What Is 2B Mindset?

I have been getting a lot of questions about what this new program called 2B Mindset is all about!  So I am about to drop you all the details on the program, the most commonly asked questions and concerns so that you can decide whether… Read the whole article