It’s officially 5 days into the 80 Day Obsession Program and I can say that I am actually really enjoying the program!  The timed nutrition is not HARD at all.  If you are someone who eats clean or has followed the portion fix before then it will not come as a huge shocker!  It just is eating specific containers at specific times.

I have been getting asked a lot of questions about what I eat during the day.  So I put together this blog article to give you a rundown of my days.  I will pre warn you that I am a creature of habit and I certainly do not need to eat something different each and every day.  So you can kind of see how boring I am.  But this works for me.

So here is our day 1 walk through!!!  I am on Plan A so that is what I am showing you here.  I am also swapping my Meal Option #1 for Pre Workout Meal because Autumn said you can do that if you don’t want to eat as much as the pre workout meal has listed.

Day 1, 80 Day Obsession, Melanie Mitro, Top Coach, Plan A
Day 1 of 80 Day Obsession is here and we are ready to crush it.

I am on Plan A and my day starts at 5:15 am.

I wake up and go into the kitchen and have my Shakeology with water, 1 spoon of almond butter and 1 purple container of fruit.


Pre Workout Meal For 80 Day Obsession
I don’t like to eat a large pre workout meal so you can swap meal 1 with your pre workout which is what I do.
80 Day Obsession, Energize, Pre Workout Supplement
My Pre Workout Energize Supplement Is My Saving Grace for crushing my morning workouts

I have my energize about 5:45 am and head to the basement to press play!  I can say the Energize is something I have been using for the past 5 years and it’s my mom juice but also my saving grace to pushing my hardest in my workouts.


Blueberries, Recover, Performance Line, Beachbody Performance Line, 80 Day Obsession
Post workout supplements include Recover Shake and a purple container of fruit.
Post Workout Meal, Eggs, Spinach, Potatoes, Coffee
Post workout meal is potatoes sautéed in coconut oil, eggs, and spinach

The next meal is about 12:00 noon and that is our lunch.  We seriously love our Instapot and used it this entire week.  So you will see shredded chicken and flank steak today.  It is so easy to do.

Instapot, 80 Day Obsession, Melanie Mitro

Step #1:  Put your chicken or flank steak in the instapot.

Step #2:  We put in a little water and Braggs aminos on the Flank Steak with salt and pepper.  For the Chicken we did some chicken stock, seasoning, and then you can even add some onions and peppers.  Add in a spoon of oil then put the instapot on for an hour or the meat setting to well done.  Then voila it should literally shred apart.

Step #3:  Measure out 1 yellow of low sodium refried beans and put on the bottom and top with a Red container of meat, 1 green of the veggies and done!

Try it and let me know how you like it too! 

80 Day Obsession Lunch, Shredded Chicken, Refried Beans, Sauteed Veggies
Lunch time is shredded chicken, sautéed veggies (peppers and onions) with some refried beans.
Meal #2, 80 Day Obsession, Plan A, Food, Snack ideas
Meal #2 is a snack around 3:00 pm and it is a green container and a blue container. I have cashews and carrots as my snack.
Dinner, 80 Day obsession, Meal Plan, Ideas, Plan A.
Meal #3 is the last meal of the day and also dinner. This is shredded flank steak in the Instapot, sesame seeds, and steamed broccoli.
Recharge, Beachbody Performance Line, Melanie Mitro, 80 Day Obsession, Plan A
So now it’s evening and of course to stave off the hunger if any, we have some green tea, and then 1/2 hour before bed the Recharge Supplement from the Performance line. This is magical and literally I have no soreness the next day.


Day 1 is complete and it was not bad at all.  I was a little foggy the first day from the detox and just the change in my food but by the end of the week I had it down pat.

I will share my story with you as I go through the 80 Day Program.  If you don’t follow me on Facebook visit my page and subscribe plus follow my Instagram Stories because I give daily updates, tips, and tricks to make your life easier with the program.  I can’t wait to see all the amazing transformations and life changes from it.

I am kicking off my next 80 Day Obsession Program Group with our Plan and Prep week on the 29th.  If you would like to join fill out the application below and I will contact you ASAP.