I got the question on my Instagram “What are some of the contributing factors to your success?”. It had me thinking back through the years of growing my direct sales business and how I really did come to my success.

I came up with 7 key areas that I’ve focused on over the last 12 years of my direct sales career!

Didn’t Wait Until Everything Was Perfect To Take Action

My first key area is that I never waited until my life was perfect to take action. Life never slows down. There is no waiting for a perfect time, because there is no perfect time for anything! I’ve learned to take action, but to be more reflective in the process.

In the beginning, I struggled with finding the time to build the business in between raising the boys. I caught myself talking about doing the work, yet I wasn’t actually doing anything. Until one day, I realized that you don’t need to talk about what you are going to do, you need to actually do it! That is when it all changed for me!

Spend time asking yourself “What are the things I need to do to build the business?” Then, make a list, do the tasks, and get it done!

Imperfection action is better than perfect action… because perfection doesn’t exist!

Big Vision

Vision is talked about a great deal in direct sales and building your business. This was no different for me and the success I had. I constantly was thinking about what I wanted for my family!

We were living in a townhouse, but wanted a single family home.
That is what we wanted, so I worked hard for that.

Maybe your vision includes something completely different. That is the point of your big vision. The vision that hurts so bad to not accomplish it, I was willing to get uncomfortable to do the action that was needed to get my vision to come to life.

What is going through your head?
Are you just worrying about everything that is going wrong?
Or what you need to do next?

Visualization is a major part of success. A reminder that what you tell your brain it will believe.
So, if you are really wanting to hit a goal, you have to start visualizing it.

Book Recommendation:

The Mountain Is You


There was a period of time during my early stages of the business when I did not ever stop. I would work non-stop, it was the “hustle culture” that got me.

That is not what I am talking about here. There are going to be seasons of your life where you want to be more present in areas more than others, but building your business is still a priority.

I never want to miss my boys basketball games, because it truly brings me so much joy to see them do what they love, but I know that I also have business goals that I am working really hard towards.

So, instead of throwing in the towel on your business, you make the sacrifice to wake up earlier, to do less of something and more business tasks, and in my case, I only went to one of the games that Landon had when I was working on a project.

I made the compromise to do both, because it can work that way.
You have to be disciplined enough to keep going through these seasons.

Leading Through Challenge

Develop the lean in, not out mindset.

Lean in, not out embodies a mindset of resilience and determination in the face of challenges.

When the business or life gets tough, rather than withdrawing or giving up, this mindset choose to lean into the difficulty. That is exactly what I do when challenges come up. Lean into the team and how we can overcome the adversity.

It’s a commitment to pushing through adversity, embracing discomfort, and doubling down on efforts to overcome obstacles. Growth and success often require confronting challenges head-on, rather than shying away from them.

By leaning in harder when faced with adversity, this demonstrate your dedication, perseverance, and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

It’s a reminder that the path to success is rarely easy, but by leaning in, one can harness their inner strength and determination to navigate even the toughest of circumstances.


Building a team was non-negotiable for me when I found out that was how you maximize the compensation plan. I had already helped multiple woman get incredible health and wellness success, but not adding team members to my team.

I was proud to be partner with BODi (of course, I still am), so it was not hard for me to talk about the business and the amazing opportunity it is. Now, that doesn’t mean I was always a Rockstar Recruiter.

I learned from mistakes, through books, podcasts, mentors.
I took it day by day and learned what I needed to do in order to reach the level of success I knew I was capable of.

Showed Up In The Final Areas Where It Mattered Most

No matter if it is the end of the work day, week, month, year, you show up.
Showing up to either hit goals or go beyond your goals!

If I was hitting goals early in the month, setting new ones was my next step always.

Doing more each month because I wanted to achieve the success. I wanted to give my family what we wanted!
I never not showed up where it mattered most in my business.

I always tell myself at the end of the day, week, month, launch whatever it may be, I could not have given it a finger nail more!

Servant Leadership

How can I be a better leader?
How can I support my people?
How will they know I will support them, but not drag them along?

Being a servant leader doesn’t mean doing the work for anyone, it means motivating, inspiring, helping, guiding your team.
This isn’t something I learned how to do right off the bat, it came from practice and confidence building.

Over time, it became second nature. I want my team to thrive so I did whatever I could to help them achieve the goals they set out for themselves!

Over a 12 year time frame, I have achieved success that I worked extremely hard for!
It takes dedication, discipline, and a lot of love for what you are doing!

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