5 cooked jumbo shrimp per person

Shredded iceberg lettuce-1 cup per serving

Fresh whole lemons, cut into wedges, obvious seeds removed, 1/2 lemon per person.

Cocktail Sauce- buy a commercially made low-sodium variety or make your own.  Coctail sauce is virtually fat free since its made of ketchup, horseradish and lemon juice.  Just watch the sugar and salt.


Count out 4 to 5 cooked jumbo shrimp for each person. Use a martini glass or another interesting glass dish for serving. Make a “nest” of shredded lettuce in each serving dish. Arrange 5 cooked jumbo shrimp on each nest of lettuce. Arrange lemon wedges with shrimp. Place a dollop of cocktail sauce in the center of each serving. Serve ice cold.