Week 3 Update!!!!  So I officially finished week 2 of Body Beast Last week!  I am currently in my 3rd week and I CAN SEE A CHANGE!!!  This program really does work! 

I am getting the hang of the moves and I have even been able to up my weights in my arms.  Today I did back and bis and was actually able to rock the pull ups pretty solidly! 

Yep that’s some seriously real sweat!!

I also went shopping for clothes because we are leaving for Disney in 11 days and I needed a few new dresses and a swimsuit.  This was truly the first time in my life that I went into the dressing room and actually enjoyed trying on clothes!!!  I felt good about the way my body looked and I was excited to find some things that finally flatter my figure instead of hide what is underneath.  The crazy thing is that I actually went up a pant size and it doesn’t even bother me!  The reason being is that I have muscle, I feel good and I look like I workout and not like a starving child!!!  I do not attribute my results from any one thing in particular but a combination of things.  I follow a strictly clean lifestyle.  I do allow myself 20% of the time to let my hair down and have dessert or drinks, but the other 80% is clean eating!  I track my food on myfitnesspal each day to make sure I am getting the right protein, carb and fat ratio plus I pay close attention to the natural sugar that comes from fruit each day!  I drink strictly water and green tea with 1 cup of coffee in the am.  I drink Shakeology once a day for either my lunch or a post workout snack.  Then, I am really good at following the fitness program schedule that comes with my program.  Right now I am doing Body Beast.  I am in week 3 and I haven’t missed a workout. 

This week my workout schedule looks like this:

Day 1:  Build Legs
Day 2:  Build Back and bis
Day 3:  Cardio and abs
Day 4:  Build Shoulders
Day 5:  Rest (but I am doing cardio, most likely fire 45).
Day 6:  Build Chest/tris
Day 7:  Build Legs

I am the type of person that likes for things to be neatly laid out for me.  So the fact that the schedule is right there ready to go makes me happy.  I don’t have to think about what workouts to do when I just look at the schedule, put in the DVD and go!  I know that if I do X,Y,Z then I will get the results.  So far I have done Insanity, P90X, Brazil Butt Lift, P90X2, Turbofire, Chalean Extreme, Les Mills Pump and Combat and have not been disappointed with any of the results yet!  Each program has transformed my body in a different way based on the stage of my journey that I was in.   

Nutrition is obviously another huge key to success!!  I always talk about making your meal plan, planning out your meals and prepping food ahead of time!  I would be a little lost puppy without having my meal plan with me each day.  This takes the guesswork out of what I am going to eat each day!  When I have the plan in place I know the food is in the fridge and I know that I just have to make the meal and the ingredients are there.  My life is busy enough as it is, if this is one way I can simplify things then I am all for that!!!

Here is my Beast Meal Plan for this week!  I follow the clean eating principles.  5-6 small meals a day with a protein and complex carb from fruits or veggies at each meal plus lots of water!!!  I’m all about keeping it simple!

One of my all time favorite breakfast foods is the coconut breakfast quinoa.  I make the quinoa in bulk and heat it up every morning for my breakfast!!
You have to try it!!!

Breakfast Coconut Quinoa

I also tried another great recipe this week!  I was craving some major sweets so I whipped up these banana blueberry oatmeal bars!  I couldn’t keep my hand out of the pan they were that good!  It’s not something you want to keep in the house very often, but it’s a great special treat!


Stay tuned for my 30 day progress pics to come!!!

If you or someone you know would like to be a part of my 12 week health and fitness challenge then contact me to find out the best option for you to get started!  You don’t have to be super fit heck you don’t have to be fit at all!  All you need is the desire to change and the motivation to do it!  Together we will come up with a fitness program to meet your needs.  I will guide you with meal plans, recipes and tips to keep you on the right track to achieving your health and fitness goals.  So act now!!!

Ask me how!!