Why is it that people start a small business and they are working endless amounts of hours and they are not actually having any success?  What is it that people are doing with all of their time?  Are you so focused on making things perfect, creating the perfect banners, images, social media, websites and hiring the very best people for your team but then you aren’t actually selling a thing?  You can have all the right people but have the wrong priorities and that becomes a recipe for disaster.  You really do have to be out there talking, creating value, developing relationships and transferring your vision and belief for your company to others.  Every business starts and ends with the sale!  Unless you are moving product or services then you will not be sustainable.

So it is time to ask yourself this:

  1. Are you spending all your time mindlessly scrolling?
  2. Are you checking your emails way more than you need to be?
  3. Are you refreshing your sales?
  4. Are you constantly organizing & re organizing
  5. Are you creating to do list after to do list?
  6. If you are doing these things you are PROCRASTINATING and not doing the things that will produce you results.

So how can we change that?

For starters becoming aware of what you are doing is half the battle.

Then create personal strategies for you that are highly motivating that keep you in the zone and focused on moving your business forward vs hiding behind the busy work.


Secondly, don’t kill your customers!  When it comes to finding people to join your team, your challenge groups it is so important that you are not looking at the potential customer as a “TARGET” but you are looking at them as someone you could inspire, help and guide to reach their own goals.

Before you reach out to someone to send an invite, ask yourself a few things:

  1.  What does this person struggle with?
  2. How will I intend to help them solve their problem?
  3. What do they really want and what do they really need?

Then, come up with a solution based on the questions you ask them!

Sales is a tool for giving and sales really is not about selling at all.  It is about finding what people need and then being able to provide that to them.

Here is todays business tip Tuesday video!