Are you doing pretty good at sticking to your exercise plan?  Are you starting to see the results that you wanted.  It’s almost like we taste a little bit of victory and then we decide to slack off a bit.  One cheat meal a week has been stretching itself into several cheat meals or cheat days! This always seems to happen whenever we start losing weight. We think to ourselves, “Oh, a few little cheat meals can’t hurt.” That’s how I justify it, as I’m sure other people can relate. But it’s easy for that to spiral out of control.
So it’s time to get back on track! In order to do this, I thought it would be helpful to write out a few tips that work for me when it comes to healthy eating.

Think About the Consequences. Before going for that big piece of chocolate cake, I always try to imagine how I will feel after eating it. When I do this, I realize that the instant satisfaction I will feel eating something unhealthy is not worth it. I remind myself that when I am done eating I will feel guilty, and that having sugar will usually just leave me with a stomach and headache. It’s always better to eat a snack that is going to make me feel good, like fruit or Greek yogurt— or fruit with Greek yogurt!
If I really need a chocolate fix, a chocolate Shakeology does the job just fine. My favorite recipe to for a sweet fix is called the Almond Joy Shakeology.  It has 6 oz almond milk, 6 oz water, ice, handful of slivered almonds, dash of almond extract and 1 tsp all natural peanut butter and blend!  It’s absolutely amazing!!!   It’s a delicious, healthy, protein-packed summer treat!
Eat Smart When at a Restaurant. Eating healthy does not mean you have to avoid outings with friends. When I go to a restaurant I will usually look for grilled chicken and get a side salad or vegetables instead of fries. I also usually will eat half the portion and save the rest for later or the next day. Instead of soda I will drink unsweetened iced tea with lemon.
Eat Throughout the Day. I try not to let myself become too hungry, because that is usually when I am most likely to pig out on unhealthy foods. Instead, I make sure that throughout the day I’m prepared with snacks like yogurt, protein bars, carrots, protein shakes, apples, almonds and other fresh veggies. I also drink lots of water, which helps to keep me full.
Keep Track of Your Calorie and Sugar Intake. When I write down what I am eating and the nutritional content, or use a calorie counter like, I start to notice how easy it is to overconsume calories and sugar in one day. I also noticed that reporting what I am eating holds me accountable. I’m less likely to eat something bad when I know I will have to write it down.
Avoid Sugar and Watch What Happens. Just try giving up sugar, or another fattening food you love, for a month or more. After that time you may find that you no longer crave that food and may give it up once and for all. You’ll probably feel a lot healthier too!
Don’t let yourself taste success and then either get scared or get relaxed!  Achieving that physique you want takes time and energy.  It’s a life long journey to maintain that body!  It should be about treating your body with respect and knowing that good food is going to help you live longer and be more youthful!  
This weeks workout:  Chalean Extreme!  This morning I did Push Circuit 2 and Ab burner.  Lots of shoulder and leg work this am left me shaking and sweaty!  I am up to 20 lbs on some of the shoulder exercises and 25 lbs on the leg exercises!  I can totally see that I am getting stronger and I love the positive motivation that Chalene Johnson brings to the workouts each and every day!  I am going to Vegas in 22 days!  Gotta stay on track!!!
What are you doing for vacation this year??
I would love to see your comments below?
Melanie Mitro