What is Piyo
What is Piyo
If you follow Team Beachbody, Chalene Johnson or my fitness journey then you know that I absolutely love and adore Chalene Johnson.  My first experience with Chalene was in Turbofire which is a high intensity, cardio kickboxing, HIIT workout!  I am a cheerleader at heart and this was like a dance party for adults.  Then, I found that Chalean Extreme was a great workout to learn how to incorporate strength training into my life.  The results were off the hook.  I never had muscle definition and tone in my life.  So when Beachbody announced that they will be launching another Chalene Johnson home fitness program I was ecstatic.  I had the pleasure of trying Piyo at our Team Beachbody Leadership Retreat in Dana Point California last fall.  It’s an awesome combination of high intensity, low impact moves to improve your flexibility, stamina, and strength.  It is yoga and pilates inspired but it pulls it all together to actually give you a cardio workout as well.
The key is that it gives you results such as defined muscles, abs, core strength without the weights, the pounding of your joints and jumping around.  It’s the perfect workout for those with mobility, joint and limitations due to injury or past experiences.
So why do I think that Piyo is going to be an awesome program to have?  
Piyo Exercises
A move in the Piyo Sweat Workout

Because it is unlike anything else out there.  You can still get a cardio workout, without the stress on your joints.  You can have Chalene’s awesome motivating and inspirational personality every day for 90 days in the comfort of your own home.  You can feel the burn for days afterwards!  I had the opportunity to test out a Piyo workout myself. Each Elite Coach got a copy of Piyo Sweat as a sneak peak.  Let me just tell you that I left the 35 minute workout sweating, my booty was burning and I could feel it the next day.  But I wasn’t bouncing around, jumping or doing crazy complex moves.  It was a controlled movement that left me actually feeling energized vs defeated.
I am asked quite often why Team Beachbody doesn’t have a Yoga Series.  Well this is it! This is going to be a game changer for so many people who love Yoga and want an option to do it from home.
Piyo Workout, Chalene Johnson
Piyo Fit Club Sweat Workout
A bunch of my friends and people from the community asked me to come together and bring the workout! We had a great sweat session on Tuesday night!  Honestly I was so sore the next morning that it was hard to get out of bed!  IT TOTALLY WORKS!!!!
What is Piyo
Sneak Peak of Piyo Workout

So PiYo will be released right after our Coach Summit in June.  My estimated guess for the release is Monday June 23rd.  So keep your eyes out for the official release and how to score your copy.  I will be updating my social media sites with all the latest information so make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
So do you want to be in my PiYo test group when this program comes out?  Make sure to reserve your spot on the list of the first people to get their copy!  Complete the form below to be updated on all the news and information about the new workout!