Progress is not about perfection its about getting up every single day even when you do not want to do it and giving it your all!  

I completed the first full week of the 21 Day Fix Extreme last week with the Flab to Fab challenge group and now it’s game on with week 2!!!  How did week 1 go?

Well…. it definitely has improved from the previous weeks!  I completed every workout last week.  I pushed myself to not just be comfortable with the weights that I was lifting but I really dug down deep and increased every single weight I was lifting.  In return I was sore, I felt accomplished and my body was finally feeling back on track.  The first few days that you are cutting out sugar and processed foods are literally like you are going through withdrawal.  Headaches, fatigue and irritability were among the few withdrawal symptoms I was feeling.  This just affirms that eating clean is the way our bodies were intended to eat.

So what’s the game plan for this upcoming week!
Well it’s week 2 of the Fix Extreme.  I am still alternating 2 days of the countdown to competition food plan and 1 day extreme eating.  The 1 carb a day and no fruits is definitely a challenge!

The countdown to completion is your carb depletion days and the extreme days allow you to have 2 carbs and 2 fruits if you are in my calorie range 1,200 to 1,499 calories.  

The workouts that I am doing are this:
Monday:  Plyo Fix Extreme
Tuesday:  Upper Fix Extreme
Wednesday:  Pilates Extreme
Thursday:  Lower Fix Extreme
Friday:  Cardio Fix Extreme
Saturday:  Dirty 30 Fix Extreme
Sunday:  Yoga Fix Extreme

I have the bowflex select tech weights and they are the best! They allow me to gradually increase my weights each week even by 1/2 pound but also give me the ability to go down in weights if its my shoulders (because that’s my weakest area).

I am really beginning to grow fond of the pilates workout even though the bands make me truly feel like I am completely uncoordinated.  I love the core work and I love the focus on the booty! 

It’s 6 weeks until Cancun.  So it’s time to focus and go!  Unveiling that winter body to bikini season can be a scary thing!  So that’s why everything matters now!  Time to get ready for summer! You realize it’s coming whether we want it to or not! Don’t hide from it, embrace it now and lets get to work!

Wake up, workout, be awesome!

Lets talk daily nutrition!  Nutrition is the one area in life that is going to truly dictate your results.  80% of your results comes from what you eat.  20% comes from what you do!  So if you are like me and fighting a killer sickness then skip the workout and just be dialed in with your nutrition.  If you can stay focused on the nutrition aspect you truly can continue to make progress!  

You can see that Monday and Tuesday are the carb depletion days and Wednesday is my regular fix extreme eating days.  Thursday and Friday back to carb depletion and Saturday is regular fix eating days!  The cycle continues for 21 days! Then at the end of 21 days it is maintenance with Fix Extreme eating!  

MOTIVATION: Trying on bathing suits and seeing your areas of improvement!  If you are struggling to stay motivated that is my tip to you!

Bikini that is about to be hanging in my closet (below)  I bought this for motivation to stay focused on my goals!  

This vacation to Cancun Mexico with the Team Beachbody Family is fast approaching! Time to get my game face on!!!!  What is your motivation????

My motivation ^^^^

Also when it comes to weight loss you must MENTALLY switch on the light bulb in your head!!!!  When you are mentally in the game the challenges are much less.

For example: This past weekend we went to the Movies, my husband was out of town with his college roommates for a guys trip and I took the boys to Valencia Donut where you can make homemade donuts.  The kids were a little feisty and it would of been easy to crack open a bottle of wine, eat some cheese puffs and feel sorry for myself that Matt was away.  But, instead I know that my goals, my WHY and my focus are stronger than the emotions and that food isn’t going to do anything but increase the guilt.  So back in the pantry it goes!!  Flip that mental switch, get in the game!  Those moments where you are focused are when it makes a difference.

Put yourself in a position for good things to happen to you!  You can dream, hope and pray all you want but if you are not ready when the opportunity calls, it will pass by!

There are going to be lunches out, dinners with your friends, get togethers in your house but if you say to yourself I want to be successful no matter what you will find a way!  You will dig down, focus on what is important and you will serve healthy choices at your home, you will make healthy choices while your out regardless of what the rest of the table is doing and you will make exercise a priority if you want to!  If you an be proactive vs reactive in all situations you will find success comes easier because you are prepared going in!  

Don’t leave your eating to chance, always go in with a plan!!!  If you don’t put yourself in the position of being prepared you will not reach your goal!  You will allow prevailing circumstances to decide what you are going to eat!  

Alright I think I gave you some serious food for thought!  What did you learn?  This is a mental game as much as it is a physical one!

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