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Last month I had the opportunity to be awarded a trip to Team Beachbody Headquarters in LA to celebrate a significant milestone in my business.  I achieved Super Star Diamond 2.  I’m sure many of you are like WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN!  Well I will give you the short of it!
Super Star Diamond 2 means that I have personally sponsored 15 lifetime diamonds in my first business center. A diamond coach is someone who has personally sponsored 8 active coaches and 2 of those 8 coaches is an Emerald coach which means they have sponsored 2 coaches.  So I have 15 of those in my first business center.  But, I also have a 2nd business center which you can open when you yourself are a 2 star diamond!  So in that 2nd business center I also have 15 lifetime diamond coaches.  That is what is considered super star 2.  So it really doesn’t have anything to do with sales, but it has everything to do with the fact that I have created a system that is effective at getting my new coaches started right and also at helping them to achieve success in their business as well.  I’m creating future leaders and stability for my team at this point in my business.  My focus is not just on pushing a product but on how to unlock the true potential in my team!  It’s my MOST favorite part of what I do, seeing the puzzle pieces all fall into place and these amazing leaders begin to emerge.  

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Just 2 goofballs having fun in LA

So, when I went out to California last month we not only were royally pampered but we had the opportunity to sit down with the CEO and chat about our businesses and how we are each unique in the network!  Carl asked me a few questions related to who is my target market as the current top coach and how do I get a new coach started right!!!  
Then, he kicked me right out of the interview seat and brought in my better half!  Matt, my husband is a significant force in my business and without him there is no way I could achieve the milestones I have.  He wasn’t always my biggest cheerleader, in fact it was quite the opposite.  He refused to workout, drink shakeology and even acknowledge that Beachbody could be a real job or career.  It was honestly brutal on our marriage and was definitely something we struggled with!  Our first summit to Las Vegas in 2012 I had to almost threaten to send him back home if he embarrassed me.  It was during a time where the pendulum could of swung either way that progress was made.  Matt is a great man who is at the core always looking out for his family!  It was up to me to prove to him that this was worth our time, investment and sacrifice!  He truly saw a glimpse of potential that I had from that event and from there we began to work together to create a system for our family that worked! Communication is key to having a supportive spouse.  It is not a 1 way street and it takes two!!!  There is no finger pointing, we both have our weaknesses and we work on them together.  We talk about our calendars, our challenges each week and we make sure to put our family first!  So check out this video with Carl, Matt and I and hopefully this will not only make a positive impact on you but hopefully you can share it with someone else struggling with the same things!

If we can overcome the obstacles, so can you!  Never stop believing in the beauty of your dreams.  There are no dreams to small or to big to go after with all your heart and soul!!!