I feel like I have been doing a lot of posts lately about my business but there are just so many things happening lately that I want to share!  I promise that I have also been working on some great new recipes that I will be blogging about this weekend and also some tips coming your way!  So stay tuned!  

But since a lot of you follow my blog since I started 4 years ago as an Insanity newbie and you have followed my Beachbody journey I feel this is totally relevant to share here as well!

So I really don’t like to talk about income or money but I do feel that this is a really important post to share with you all.  When I started Beachbody I had no idea what I was doing.  I had no clue how to find customers, how to start a challenge group and I was scared to death of taking selfies.  I also am a people pleaser so I was really sensitive to what other people thought!  I was nervous to put myself out there because it leaves the door wide open for people to give their opinions.  I shed a few tears over nasty comments but in the end I know that I am not selling  a FAKE product and I know that the programs and products work because I am living proof!  I also know that you can’t just do it half ass either! If you want real great results you have to give the nutrition and the fitness your ALL!  I also know that there have been many times in my business that doors closed, opportunity didn’t knock for me.  But just because someone didn’t serve me customers and challenge pack sales on a silver platter doesn’t mean it wasn’t for me!  It just meant that I had to go out there and figure it out for myself.

So with consistency, with showing up 24/7 whatever it takes that is what I did!
I refused to sit back and accept the hardships and I certainly refused to let failure get the best of me! When my challengers quit checking into the group, I checked in with them!  Even if no one posted the last 3 weeks of a challenge group I didn’t stop!
When my new coaches all quit my new coach training because it was to hard, I kept posting til the end! When no one showed up for team calls I would to the call and record it, but afterwards I would cry!  I couldn’t figure out why no one was as passionate about coaching and getting in shape as I was!  Its HARD DARN IT, why does everyone make this business look so easy!  But, its not IMPOSSIBLE!  I mean in no way shape or form do I feel that this is rocket science!  I believe that with anything you do, there are a lot of wrong turns before you find the right ones!  I believe that everything rises and falls with perseverance and everyone I mean EVERYONE deserves success that is DEFINED not in MY TERMS but in YOUR TERMS!  

So with that being said here is how it goes:

I did not give up!
I laughed
I have made some of my VERY BEST FRIENDS as a COACH
I have lost some friends
I have learned valuable life lessons
I have made good choices and bad
I have missed my goals
I have crushed my goals
I have horrible stretch marks from having kids & I hate my stomach
I love my butt now and before it was REALLY REALLY FLAT!
My husband NOW works out with me and eats healthy too!
The 2 people that I wanted to help the most just started the 21 day fix with Matt and I this week (HUGE SCORE)
We have paid off my student loans
We bought a house
We invested enough money last year to save for both boys entire college education
As a couple we decided that Matt should quit his job this year so we have better family balance.

This week WE PAID OFF OUR MORTGAGE!!!  After owning our home for 2 1/2 years we made the final payment this week! DONE!  BOOM!

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That right there is the BEST feeling ever!  We as a family are truly blessed by Beachbody!  But the moral of the story is this, we worked for it, we sacrificed along the way! It didn’t happen by LUCK, it happened by we made sacrifices, we chose the road less traveled and we march to the beat of our own drum.  It’s easy to get caught up in shiny objects and yes that happens but we do what is best, we live life abundantly and we PRAISE the LORD every day for what he has provided.  Not a single day goes by without remember that!  

Whatever you choose to do in life I hope you do it with the SLIGHT EDGE with passion and intensity!  If you never give up…. YOU WILL NEVER FAIL!  Let this be your motivation to kick some serious butt today and EVERYDAY!!!!!