So last week I was at the annual Team Beachbody Coach Summit. What does that mean? Well this event is for any and all coaches who are looking to learn more to advance in their Team Beachbody business.  Everything from Celebrity Trainer Workouts, to fancy parties, general sessions with amazing guest speakers (Darren Hardy and Diana Nyad) to breakout sessions hosted by top leaders in the organization sharing their top tips for success.  This past few days was literally jam packed with AWESOMESAUCE!!!!

This year Summit was a little different for me.  I had a leadership role in the event and I was receiving some rewards and recognition this year!  This was definitely not a vacation for me but instead it was an opportunity for me to connect with my team, develop relationships, offer mentorship, train on my areas of expertise, share some tips that have helped me to be successful and support my team in their growth!

We flew in a day early to spend some time enjoying Las Vegas.  This year I am a top 10 coach which means that out of 180,000 coaches I ranked the #2 Coach in 2013.  So we were rewarded by being picked up in a limo and taken to our hotel!  There was even a wonderful woman standing at our baggage claim with a sign and my name was on it!  It totally made me feel super special!

Tuesday we went to Ceasar’s Palace with two of my coaches, Deidra and Alyssa!  We hit up some great shops, talked and really had a great time!

Tuesday night we went out to dinner at the Paris Hotel on top of the Eiffel Tower and then to see the Michael Jackson show “One”.  AMAZING performance and I would highly recommend it if you go to Vegas.

The girls in the limo before dinner

Wednesday was our day to lay at the pool before Elite Night!  Elite night is for the top 1% of coaches in the organization that show excellent leadership skills and have begun to develop a team of coaches around them that are successful as well.  For Elite night we were able to meet and greet with the celebrity trainers, Shaun T, Tony Horton, Autumn Calabrese, Chalene Johnson to name a few.
I was able to meet Autumn and Chalene which was a humbling experience since they are 2 of my biggest fans!

Chalene Johnson and Melanie Mitro at the Elite Event Summit 2014

One of the gifts that corporate gave us for being an Elite Coach is our own star on the floor of the core to sign and take home with us!  How awesome that every single person that walks into the Beachbody Core gets to see our stars!!!  I feel like it was such an honor to be recognized in this way!  Plus I really felt important and worthy of the hard work I do all year long!

My Elite Star in the Core at Summit 2014
Dream Team Elite Coaches 2013

Thursday started the fun!!!  Thursday morning was our team led meetings!  I had the honor of presenting to the Bombshell Dynasty and thousands of other coaches on my top success principles.  

Here is my slide and the points that I talked about during the event!  I truly feel that everyone has the ability to do something great with their life. It is just whether or not you tap into that greatness and see the potential in yourself.  Do you see you yourself as a success story or do you see yourself as a failure?  Do you let your past experiences define your future or do you use them to make you stronger?  There is no secret sauce to Team Beachbody Coaching.  At the core of what I do is genuinely, love, care, mentor, and support my team!  I truly believe that when you give unfaithfully to your customers and coaches you will be rewarded greatly!   I have built my team on solid ground, on creating a system for duplicating success, for guiding others to reach their fullest potential and believing in each and every coach that joins my team! I do not want to be at the top alone, I want to be at the top with a team that is truly successful, balanced, happy and healthy!  
Thursday night began the events! The Sequins and Studs party was a part where you had to qualify to attend by achieving Success Club 10 for 2 consecutive months (April & May) in order to go!  Here is a snap shot of some of the amazing coaches on our team that qualified to attend showing off their sparkly outfits!
Dream Team Sparkles
Favorite Picture with Sarah Koury

Friday the fun began!!!!  General session opened in the morning with guest speaker Darren Hardy talking about the Compound Effect!  As I sat there listening to him speak I realized that I have implemented the principles of the compound effect in my life long before I even knew what they were.  I had this mindset that I was never giving up, that no matter how long it took, how many obstacles life threw at me I was meant for something great!  I was always the type that knew everything in my life happens for a reason.  Thru my entire life every obstacle I have overcame because I was focused on how I could use this to influence people in a positive way.  I know that without a shadow of a doubt my past experiences don’t define my future but instead they have determined my success!!!

Thursday & Friday I presented in front of 10,000 people on the topic of “Creating High Performance Coaches”.  I trained the Team Beachbody organization on how to get new coaches started right, how to set clear expectations, how to guide them in the right direction and how to provide customized support to new coaches joining your team!
Creating High Performance Coaches- Melanie Mitro Training Summit 2014, Team Beachbody
Creating High Performance Coaches- Melanie Mitro Training
Another perk of being a successful coach is getting to go to the Star Diamond Reception at a swanky night club called Hakasan in the MGM.  It’s a multistory nightclub with awesome music, great drinks and of course the company is the best part! Last year it was myself and 2 of my star diamonds! This year there are at least 20 of us from the Dream Team!  Check out the picture below!  Love my amazing leaders!!!!  You are all the most gracious people I know!  
Star Diamond Reception with Carl Daikeler CEO of Team Beachbody
Star Diamond Reception with Carl Daikeler CEO of Team Beachbody
Working out on the Las Vegas Strip with 10,000 coaches, Shaun T, Chalene Johnson, Tony Horton, and Autumn Calabrese!  HEAVEN!!!!!!
Super workout with The Dream Team
2 of my favorite people!  It’s a Katy Ursta Sandwich!!!!!
Just a few moms, kicking off the sweats and getting fancy!

Saturday was full of recognition!  I achieved the highest rank in Team Beachbody this year.  A 15 Star Diamond Coach or Super Star Diamond means that you have personally helped to develop 15 Diamond coaches on your team. This means that you have really mastered the art of leading and have a system for duplication that works!  Ahhhh I totally credit my coach apprenticeship program, my emerald to diamond and my ability to attract amazing leaders for this success!!!!

Super Star Diamond, Melanie Mitro, Team Beachbody Coach
Super Star Diamond, Melanie Mitro, Team Beachbody Coach
The pulled a fast one and made me speak!  

It’s all about honestly being a servant leader and puts the needs of others before your own. When you help others succeed the natural progression in this business is that you do to!

The Stage for Super Star Diamond Award
Saturday night is the conference and celebration where the winners of the 100,000 Beachbody Challenge is awarded.  Recognition for Elite 10, which is the top 10 coaches in the organization plus awards such as Leadership, CEO and Humanitarian is given out!  The night ends with the Top Coach Celebration and an awesome after party to close the event!  Here are some swanky photos from the night!!!!
The top 10 Team Beachbody Coaches of 2013, Melanie Mitro, Dream Team
The top 10 Team Beachbody Coaches of 2013
The Top 10 Recognition on Stage at Summit 2014
On Stage with CEO Carl Daikeler and Jeff Hill.
Top Coach Lindsay Matway, Scottie Hobbs and Myself->  All Bombshell Originals
It’s like I’m saying, holy crap is this really happening!
Yup I did the Can-Can on Stage in front of 10,000 people in a long dress and heals!  I didn’t bite the dust!  Mission Accomplished!
Summit 2014, Elite 10 Celebration, Melanie Mitro
Oh yes I danced on stage!
This is when they announced my Elite Points for the year!!!!  Blew it out of the water!!

Did you know when you are a top 10 coach you get your body on a huge life size poster in the hallway where the conference happens!  YUP…. there I am!!!  How cool is that!

Life SIZE MELANIE MITRO—->  Fancy Schmancy

Oh I look miniature next to that!

My better half and I in front of life size Melanie

We are the Elite 10, 2013

 So next year our Coach Summit is in Nashville! Have you considered joining Team Beachbody?  Have you ever considered becoming a coach?  Join me and the Dream Team next year in Nashville for another celebration, training, and team building event that you will not want to miss!  We are currently the fasted growing team in the company and we have no desire to slow down!  My mission is to help as many of my coaches in my organization be successful as possible!  How will I do that?
I am in the process of creating a leadership program, continued face to face meetings, weekly team calls, new coach development, and mentoring plus personal growth to continually meet the ever changing needs of our team!

The Dream Team is build on solid rock, you might be able to shake us but you won’t ever break us! We are better together!!!!  Love our team!!!!